There is so little going on here that I hesitate to try to talk about it. 

I'm still quilting away on Simply Delicious.  I get 45 minutes or so a day during the week.  And, about half the blocks have their outlining.  Next, it's the background filler.  I'm looking forward to the background fill on this one.  It's a design I haven't done in a long time, and if I remember correctly, I enjoyed it very much and it was fast. 

And, I got the ornament block together. 

When the designer at Ivory Spring designs her blocks, they're all nice straight seams and easy.  When I added the sixth ornament to the block, I had to shift everything to the left.  And, that caused some partial seam piecing between the blue and yellow ornaments.  That took a little figuring out and trickery. 

A long time ago, long before we were married, Rob and I bought rings.  And, I promptly lost mine.  Like, within a couple years.  I'm sure it's planted under a shrub in the flowerbed.  So, I bought one that was kind of close, thinking that at some point, I'd find my ring.  It didn't fit, and I was constantly taking the ring off and leaving it places.  We even bought little bowls to put places so I could put my ring in it and know where it was.  But, it was uncomfortable and gave me a rash on my finger.  When we married, I asked Rob if he wanted to buy new rings and he said no...he is very, very attached to his ring and it fits him perfect and he never takes it off.  (I practically had to threaten to cut his finger off and take it to get him to surrender it the day we married so I could put it on his finger during the ceremony.)  Anyway, a couple weeks ago, I got on a tear to find a new ring that was as close to his as I could, in a larger size than the one I was wearing.  Titanium rings have gotten much less expensive than when we bought our first ones.  I bought one in what I thought would be a bigger size, and when it got here, I asked Rob if he wanted to put it on my finger and he did.  Unfortunately, it was as small as the one I was replacing.  So, I ordered two more, in half size increments larger.  They got here yesterday and I asked Rob if he wanted to just keep on putting rings on my finger til I found one that fit or if he wanted me to just get on with it.  And, he decided to keep putting them on me.  We tried them both and one was perfect.  We both knew it as soon as it was on my finger.  I haven't had to take it off yet, but it is different enough that I'm having to get used to it.  My ring finger is fine with it, but it's wider, so the two fingers next to it are having to get used to it.  We've been together a long time.  And, we laughed about him putting rings on me in the middle of the kitchen.  It's the little things that keep a relationship alive. 

It's Friday.  I want to finally use some of that compost I've been making to feed the yard.  I'm late at that.  I'm knee deep in my favorite kind of research at work and looking forward to the day, except the part where I get the car serviced.  I could do without that, but it won't be off the to-do list until I get it done.  I was going to say something pithy about how getting shot seems to be the new beanie baby...everybody got to get it, but honestly, I'm just too appalled to be amused by it.  And, while I'm not much of a pray-er, I've been sending some powerful strong thoughts out for the people of London who were lost and who lost loved ones in the fire. 

Everybody have a great weekend. 



Dot Wankat said...

The world is restless and sad right now. Which makes quilts, rings, and your blog all the more special.

Anonymous said...

Oh the rings.....reminded me of goldilocks and the three bears.. Your quilting is coming along quickly. Have a great day, thanks for sharing. Mary

Mari said...

Congratulations on your new ring! The quilt is coming along, and the ornament panel looks good, too. With so many ugly things happening right now we have to take time to find some beauty. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

jane said...

believe it or not, all kinds of people love to hear about your life, your family and your happiness. I used to live in Texas and there were some lovely people there, but I don't think I could take it today, not only because of the weather. But I love to hear about it from you and yours.