Nine of Twelve

It was a very quiet quilting weekend here.  That was what I needed after last week.  On Saturday, it was miserably hot and the humidity was high and I stayed inside.  It rained in the afternoon and cooled off some and we went on a thread run and to dinner.  But, other than quilting supplies, there was just no point in going out in that.  I quilted.  A lot.  I enjoyed some really nice working in the yard time yesterday morning and late yesterday afternoon, just cleaning things up and watering.  Summer work.   
I ended up doing the background in 9 of the 12 blocks of the Simply Delicious quilt.  I've been trying to come up with a name and the best I've got so far is Nothing Simple About It.  But, it's not sticking to me like the really good names do. 

I liked the background filler in one block.  But, I'm loving it as a common theme in all the blocks.  I love the texture it's giving the quilt.  And, when you look full on at it, the quilting disappears.  It's only with side lighting and shadow that the quilting really shows. 

It's our 1st second anniversary today.  Two years ago, the Supreme Court announced it's decision and unplanned, we took the afternoon off and went to the county registrar's office and got married.  A marriage with some restrictions, but officially married.  And, a week later, we were fully married in a group ceremony at the state capital.  Not to get too political, but we're still married.  And, the world has not come to a fiery ending, much to the disappointment of so many people.  Now, if we can just stay married. 

I know I have the right man because of a look he gives me when I've just done or said something awful that says it will all be okay in a few minutes.  And, he can wait it out.  That look has caused me to do and say fewer awful somethings. 

Everybody have a wonderful Monday!  It's a new week.  Anything could happen. 



Patricia Gardner said...


Barb H said...

Gorgeous background quilting, Lane. You inspire me to reach beyond my usual style of quilting. Happy anniversary too!

Anonymous said...

Rob! Take "That GuyThat Quilts " for ice cream to celebrate . It's amazing. Mary

My name is Riet said...

Happy anniversary.You both are happy. I love your quiltblocks and your quilting.

Tammy said...

Beautiful quilting Lane. You are so talented. Happy Anniversary to you both. Cherish each other.