Cowboy quilt

I made this quilt long ago for Rob.  Before I was even keeping good records, and I can't find a picture of it so we don't know quite when.  And, yes, it is extra long.  He asked for that.

Remember that we met c/w dancing and we had the attire for it, so a cowboy quilt was a perfect choice.  And, I had inherited a large stack of cowboy fabric from my mentor, so I had the reason and the resource. 

I found cowboy themed patterns.  And, stars work in a cowboy themed quilt, of course.  When I couldn't find a pattern, I drafted one. 

The boot above was one I drafted, the more traditionally shaped one below came from the internet.  We wore the style of boots above. 

I did a lot of what I think is called broderie perse style applique where I cut an image from one fabric and set it on a different background.  There are at least three blocks in this quilt where I did that, except I used fusible web instead of needle turn. 

And, the perfect backing was this cowboy sketch.  This was way before I started all the background filler, and it was designed to cuddle up with on a cold day for a nap, so it's loose and comfy. 

Mornings before work, I've been quilting the background of the Simply Delicious quilt and finished a block.  I've started drawing the lines on the next block.  It's not the fastest background filler I've ever done.  But, it's surely not the slowest either.  I'd like to get back to the green quilt, but I can't stop on this one yet.  I'm still excited by it.  I figure I'll get bored soon and it will be easy to move to a different project. 

And, I know how quilters are.  What does it look like from the back???

and a lighter picture.  I really do have lights.  But, background filler doesn't show well in the light.  It takes shadow. 

This week has been crazy.  I work in insurance and tropical storm Cindy put us all in a tizzy of gut reaction versus meteorological prediction...and which one is right more often.  And, when they all settled down and realized it was 50/50 and let themselves off the hook and let our best be good enough, the week got easier.  Rob had a huge project at work too, so he and I have both been focused on our own jobs, but still finding time together to talk and share.  I think we're both looking forward to the weekend and being focused on ourselves. 

And, frankly, I'm tired of smiling and telling people it's gonna be okay. 

Everybody have a great weekend!!  Stay cool, stay dry, stay safe. 

Stay calm.



Auntie Em said...

Terrific cowboy quilt! I like the story behind it, too. I think it's a great idea to take early-made quilts and blog about them so that they get their proper attention here in cyber-space.

Anonymous said...

Robs quilt is great! Do you really quilt before going to work in the morning? Thanks for sharing. Mary

Anonymous said...

Love the cowboy quilt and the quilter. Nothing but some wind and lots of rain here. Give our love to each one. lum

Linda K said...

Catching up on blog posts, and what a delight this one is! The cowboy quilt is charming, and the background filler for your Simply Delicious applique is stunning!