Boring, snoring

See the leaves? See the ropes? Those are new things being added to West of Paris, TX. I'm filling in the space. When I get done, the quilt will be quilted at about a 3/4" interval, all over.


When last I posted how much thread that was, I said 2500yds was already in the quilt. What a bozo. I went and bought a second spool and the spools are only 1250 yards. Imagine my disappointment.

So, let's give a new total. One 1250 yard spool and a half of another. So, that's 1900yds and I'm not done yet. There's still filler in the feathers that you can see to the left and right of my needle. See the point on the right that is made between the feathers and the seam? That poofs out. Not much now, but after this is washed and the batting shrinks, that's going to be a big poof. Can't have that. So, I'm going to quilt a background grid that will lay behind the feathers and not interfere with them, but puts some quilting on all those little poofs so they'll lay flat. There's quite a few of them in this quilt and it's going to look silly unless it's blocked after every washing. But, it's a gift and I can't expect the recipient to block it...and I want her to USE it. So, I'll take care of that before I give it away.

This picture is the same picture as above, except I turned my task light a different way. Funny how cameras pick up color based on the light. These look like different quilts.

And, these are my dishcloths. I read a few patterns and decided to try things and see what I liked. The one on the left is all single crochet. Took a long time, but I would love this as a dishcloth. The one in the center is all double crochet. Too many holes, in my opinion. But, it was fast! The one on the right is rows of single alternating with rows of double. That's more like it. Some "tightness" from the single crochet and some "fastness" from the double crochet.

But, have you noticed that I haven't put a hand made dishcloth in a dirty sink of water yet? Years ago, when I was first learning to knit, I made some beautiful face cloths. They are still tied up in a ribbon. Too nice to get them wet. I hope these dishcloths don't turn out that way.

Take care and have a great Monday. Lane


JustPam said...

Are you quilting this on a DSM? It is gorgeous!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Beautiful work!!! Tell me it's not freehand......lol.

Coloradolady said...

I love it when you post about your quilting. I just sit and marvel at your talent and just dream of being half that talented!!!

I had to laugh at you saying you did not want to get the dishtowels wet. That is the very reason I have not made any because I could not stand to mess them up! How crazy does that sound...but it is the truth.

I can not believe the amount of thread you have used, that is a lot!! But it sure is a wonderful quilt, the quilting is amazing as always.

Have a good week, I 'll be gone the end of the week, taking my mom and aunt to Colorado for a few days...think of me, I'll be biting my lip most of the trip I am sure!!!

Michelle said...

Your quilting is absolutely beautiful. You should be proud. Your dishclothes are so nice too, but you sound like me. Don't want to use nice things...want to save them. I totally understand. Have a great week!

John Going Gently said...

do you ever sell your quilts abroad?

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

OH i love knitted dishcloths, my MIL knits them for me, I have like 20 and they are well used! Some have bleach spots on them now, and some have black sooting spots that wont come out in the wash, but that is OK, because they were meant to be used. She will have more waiting for me next time I go to see her too!!!

Marla said...

I love your quilting! You do such beautiful work.

lw said...

West of Paris, Texas looks like it could win awards at a quilt show-- just beautiful.

miss-linny said...

FAB quilting, really FAB. I use my knitted dishcloths, they make the task of washing-up feel nicer. You can always make more

qltmom9 said...

GORGEOUS quilting! I'd let you quilt my quilt anytime! Need some to practice on? LOL, I like making tops...
Use your dishcloths, you won't believe how WELL they hold up! Unless you SOAK them in bleach, they last MUCH longer than anything you've ever used, AND they delight WHILE you wash!

Tammy said...

Hi Lane,
It is obvious that for you quilting is a labour of love. Your feathers and leaves are fantastic! Very, very well done.

Please use your dishcloths, they clean so well and also make excellent gifts.

I have croqueted them using this pattern http://www.groupepp.com/dishbout/cpatterns/basketweave.html
which takes about two hours. Now I knit them using an altered version of this pattern http://razorfamilyfarms.com/crafts/basketweave-dishcloth-pattern/
I've added three rows of seed stitches to the beginning and end as well I single croquet around the outside border.

monika said...

I use knitted dishcloths, and they really are the best! I use a brush to do the dishes though, the cloths are for wiping the table and so on. They improve with use, and my oldest ones have probably been through the wash every week for five years.