Yeppers, I finished the September quilt top in plenty of time to knock it out of the park by the end of the month. Cute top. Then, I looked at it and thought, what in the devil am I going to quilt on this???

All over quilting? Leaves? Flowers? Feathers? No, not all over quilting. This needs something different than that. Something to set off the blocks.

I'll mark it. Okay, this is a Linus quilt. If I take the time to mark it, I'll never get caught up. So, something I can do freehand. But what?

Okay, the only way to make progress is to make progress. I bought a sheet at goodwill to back it with. I cut that in half and took the top down and pin basted it. Feathers, flowers, marking...what to do???

What to do?

What to do.

Okay, so I know that the sashing needs some straight line quilting. I can do that. But, before I actually started, I pulled out all my quilting books and I studied them to find something for the blocks. I looked for anything. I found some leaves that I could trace on and then outline stitch for filler; one leaf per block. I saw this done in a book and it was a nice effect.

I saw freehand feather shapes and all kinds of other stuff.

And, then, this square caught my eye. It's from Freehand Filler Patterns by Sue Patten. Every other time I saw this, I saw it as part of a complex design she had created for a specific block. But, this time, as I went through the book, I didn't see the block. I just saw this section. Kinda looks like an abstract flower, all pointy stamens and soft round petals. I like it.

And, my mind started adapting this pattern to my quilt.

And, just when I got all geared up and ready to start...I mean, I even pulled out and starting winding bobbins...it was time to get up and feed us and take Sydney to her Friday morning girls meeting at the school and then get me ready for work.

So, that poor quilt is still sitting there. Languishing.

Don't tell my boss, but I'll be drawing that shape all day with paper and pencil to practice it. I already have one drawing done. I'm sure there will be more.

Take care and have a great Friday.


BTW, read this in today's news. If you wanna know why DOMA keeps me up at night, this sums it up pretty good. Somehow, me having rights infringes on the rights of others. I stay up trying to figure out how.


Coloradolady said...

That is going to look fantastic!! Enjoy your day doodling..um I mean practicing!!!

Patricia said...

Great choice----can't wait to see it "in person". Have a great day!

lw said...

It's time for DOMA to go. If people really want to defend marriage, we'd be better off working on the lack of maturity that figures into the divorce rates.

Janet said...

Thats going to look fantastic-love it !

Elizabeth said...

That quilt is just so pretty! I love it! Love the quilting you've chosen, too.

xo -E