Things I didn't buy on vacation

Rob helped me remember that I cannot save everything that I love. Besides, if I buy it all, what will you get?

This first quilt is one I saw early in the trip. Too expensive for my budget, but lovely nonetheless. You can't really see it here, but the quilter did a really nice job of the blocks and setting the blocks together so that all the points matched. And, the hand quilting was very tiny and neat even thought the batting was very thick.

This little Jones machine was over $200. There had been one on ebay for less than $100 including shipping, so no way I was going to bring this one home, even though the decals were delicious.

This quilt, I could have brought home. The marked price was $75, but it had been there so long that the ink on the price tag had all but disappeared. I believe I could have bargained on it. It was all homespun and very rough and very, very heavy. Love the blocks, tho. Now that the trip is over and I know how much we spent, I wish I had bought this.

But, not nearly as much as I wish I had bought this. This little signature machine was nothing special, but look at that cabinet! This would have been so cool. But, I already had one new cabinet in the truck to make space for at home and just couldn't see myself buying this one...even though it was only $35, machine and cabinet both. It was sturdy and in great shape...and I left it sit there.

Okay, so that bit of longing is going to have to do for today. My boss has decided to work me like a rented mule and I am more than just a bit resentful that he's upset a bunch of people around me, who are all coming to me to find out what he wants them to do. And, I don't know. And, I don't really care. I want to say "He's the one that yelled at you. Why are you bothering me? He didn't yell at me."

One day, I'm going to be so burned out I'm going to spontaneously combust.



Michelle said...

OOOOhhhhh, I'm afraid that Jones would have definitely come home with me! It's beautiful! I would have struggled with the blue one too. I'm an addict. What can I say. Hi, my name is Michelle, and I LOVE machines! I DON'T WANT help!!!! LOL!

Hope your day gets better soon,and tomorrow FLIES by so you can enjoy the weekend. August's new moon was the 29th if you want to find blame. That's what I used!

Tammy said...

Oh please don't combust Lane,instead go to your happy place in your mind. This is exactly why work is called work not play. Both sewing machines you did not buy are really cool. I've been lusting for a hot pink Brother Festival, they are as rare in Canada as pink flamingos at the north pole. I did buy a Bernina 930 it is coming in the mail next week and an Elna SU C62 that has a dead foot pedal boo! The Elna is at the repair shop.

I've got an interesting quilt project. How would you design a quilt in blues with frogs, lady bugs and butterflies?

INKcredible Girl said...

please don't combust I'd miss you

Becky said...

You're gonna have to find a way to de-stress....right now I can't afford to fly to Austin to follow you around everywhere with a fire extinguisher!!! Have a wonderful, restful, fun weekend! Love ya! Becky

Coloradolady said...

You sure walked away from some real beauties! I have the same sickness when it comes to machines. I need to redo the cabinet that housed my grandma's machine. I have it but it needs some work. and do you have any idea how hard it is to find someone to work on it? Maybe I need to bring it to Austin and pay you to get her purring again......her name is Dilly by the way...which was my grandma's nickname and I expect her to live up to her name when she is running....well she runs, but I suspect could use a good oiling! Have a great weekend!

lw said...

Wow, I really love the blue $75 quilt. You could always call the store, bargain and have them ship it to you.

I hope you don't spontaneously combust. I don't want to be the only one struggling with my job.