Badly advertised

This post should probably more appropriately be called “the devil made me do it”. 

I have just won a second National Two Spool sewing machine.


Bad pictures, I know.  But, they’re all I’ve go so far.  They are the thumbnails from the ebay listing.

The seller did not post this as a two spool.  I only noticed because of the bobbin winder.  They didn’t know that the conversion to an electric motor makes the machine more valuable…at least it did the only other time I’ve ever seen one converted to electric by mounting the motor to the machine (sold for over $400).  The conversion Rob and I did mounted the motor to the cabinet. 

But, it wasn’t the machine that I wanted.  It was the treadle base that I was after.  If the machine is good, that’s great.  But, I want to try to quilt on a two spool, using treadle power instead of electric.  I get so much control when I quilt using the treadle and I want to try that with the convenience of the two spool.


The cabinet is actually really pretty in the pictures from the listing.  Oak and very sleek and much more in style of the furniture in our home.  And, looks like it’s in better shape than my singer treadle cabinet.  If it was any worse, it would have shown. 

It is located here in Austin and the seller wouldn’t ship, so that helped keep the price low.  Obscenely low.  And, the seller’s description was “see pictures”. 

Okay, y’all.  If you want to make any money on what you’re selling, take the time to learn a little bit about it.  A quick search on the internet would have told this seller everything they needed to know.

Really, I couldn’t pass it up.  It was so low that I might slip the seller a bit of extra, if it has all it’s pieces and parts…like that all important spool case that holds the bottom thread. 

This is one of those pick it out for yourself gifts that we like to exchange.  You always know the recipient will be happy if they picked it out themselves.  The real gift is going to be when Rob takes me to go pick it up.  I didn’t think to ask what part of town it was in before I bought it.  Oops!

Everybody have a great day!  It’s Thursday!  Yay!



lw said...

It's hard to tell much from the photo, but here's hoping you scored!

Rebecca Grace said...

Hmmm... My husband's grandparents were immigrant tailors and their treadle machine, converted to electric the way you just described, if memory serves, is sitting in the basement of my in-laws' home in New Jersey. Every once in awhile my mother in law asks if I want it, but it would be difficult to get it from NJ to NC. Why do you like quilting on a converted treadle? Or is it that two spool feature that keeps you quilting longer before thread runs out that you love?

Elizabeth said...

Diito what LW said! Fun stuff!

xo -E