The first village

I realized this morning that it’s going to take more than one post to show the villages that Rob sets up for Christmas.

I’m going to start with his favorite, Retroville.  This was a set, sold at JoAnn’s for just one year and he bought several pieces.  I went back and bought the rest, except for one piece that my local store didn’t have.  And, we’ve added accessories over time because those were available for several years.

Oh, look, Dr Who has transported us in his TARDIS


to a quaint little 1950’s era village


complete with shops and modern conveniences. 


diners and a TV shop


and bustling with wintry activity


This little Christmas tree lot wasn’t part of the set.  Rob painted it himself one year.  I wish he’d do more of these.  We still see them once in a while.  I think someone at his office gave him this one and he did a very nice job with it.


Sleepy little houses with tiny lights that light up on the outside, much like the blue lights Rob has outlined our house in.


Okay, so that’s today’s visit to Retroville.  Rob really enjoys his villages and all the people are out doing things.  He can tell you what they’re up to if you ask.



Andi's English Attic said...

Beautiful, although I can't help worrying for the residents. Whenever the Tardis turns up, there's usually trouble. :)

mssewcrazy said...

love the villages! It's so Christmas to have all the holiday decorations and quilts out. I will have to enjoy your photos since my daughter's cats have come to live with me. I even had to resort to artificial poinsettias as they do a number on the real ones. so far so good with the fakes.

Lakegaldonna said...

Love the village, especially with the Tardis. I'm a big Who fan, what's not to love about the Tardis.
Have a great day!

wordmama said...

Makes me smile. I love Christmas villages, especially with lots of people! I like it that he has stories, too.

I needed a smile today.

Nancy said...

Hi Lane. You have a nice Christmas village. I just sent you a private email re a quilt kit I have. Please take a peek. Thanks.

lindaroo said...

I think this is the town I grew up in! It sure gives me that feeling, anyway. Like Rob, I have stories in my head about what everyone is up to. The addition of the Tardis makes it fantastically magical!
Thanks for sharing all these little views of your Christmas decor; it's like opening the windows on an advent calendar.

Anonymous said...

Very cute. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Tim, I live in Sydney, Australia but just love the little wintery town scenes:-) I was born in Scotland so snow is in my psyche!
Love your quilts and all your stories,