I’m in the mood for…


Uhm, yeah, tis the season, right?  But, I’m in the mood to hand quilt, too.

So, I pulled out my trusty hand quilting project.  OMG, what was I thinking? 


Remember this?  A few years ago, I asked Rob to give me the Dresden Plates for Christmas.  And, he did.  And, I opened them when we got home and they were a moldy, filthy, mildewed wreck.  So, I washed them and ironed them and gave them back to him to wrap. 

I opened them on Christmas morning and immediately sneezed.  So, I washed them again.  They were a mess.  The plates weren’t pretty like they are now.  There were a few that were pretty, and they were all very well assembled.  But, the ones that weren’t pretty needed to be taken apart and put back together in better combinations.  To accomplish that, I ended up taking all of them apart and hand stitching them back together.  Then, I hand stitched them to the backgrounds. 

Then, I had a moment of insanity and decided to hand stitch the sashing and borders. 

And, if you’ve done all that, you really have to hand quilt it, right? 


Sorry this one is so dark, but I wanted to show off my stitches.  They’re so tiny.  I’m so proud.  I wanna show them off.


I think I’m three years into the quilt.  It took me over a year to put the top together and I’ve been hand quilting it at least two years.  I could go back on the blog and find the original posts, but hey, it’s not that important, right?  The point is that I spend a little time on it every year, during the cold months because during most of the year, it’s too hot to have it lay across my lap and I don’t have the space for a full size frame and my standing frame is cheap and not at the right height…so why don’t I shorten it??? 

Because it just now occurred to me.  The brain works in mysterious ways.

Everybody have a great Friday.  I’m only feeling slightly better today than yesterday, but Rob seems to be significantly better.  Maybe it was just allergies.  He did have a restless night, tho.  I kind of added a little (or maybe a whole lot) too much black pepper to supper last night, likely because my nose isn’t working right now.  By the end, we were all sweating.  But, it kept him up part of the night and that made me feel bad.  Oops.  It’s a lot of responsibility to be the cook.



lw said...

How beautiful! This one will be another show-stopper.

Anonymous said...

Time heals all, including how you feel about the quilt. Bet you end up loving it. Stitches are wonderfully small.

Time heals illness too.

Best wishes for a lovely holiday.


Anonymous said...

I am amazed at your patience and your perseverance. How do you have the time to do all the things you do? Do you sleep? Hope you and Rob
feel better. Lyn W

Rebecca Grace said...

Hi, Lane! I hope you and Rob are both in better health today so you can enjoy the holidays 100%. Thank you for the photo of your tiny quilting stitches because they are awesome! Next time maybe put something like a penny in the photo to give us an idea of just how tiny those stitches are? I have had that happen for me, too -- where I can't think of a solution to a problem until I'm writing about how there is no solution, and then POOF! one pops into my brain. Having seen your mechanical ability with vintage sewing machines, etc., I'm sure you can modify that quilt stand to fit you perfectly. The Dresden Plate quilt really is shaping up to be quite the labor of love -- and it will be worth every single stitch. Happy holidays to all of you!