I need a baby quilt

I need a baby quilt.  It’s tradition that I give a baby quilt to all the babies born to families in my work group.  Nobody even questions it.  What they tell me is that early in the pregnancy, people start to speculate about what the baby quilt will look like because they know it is imminent. 

I like that.

But, sometimes coming up with original ideas can be daunting.

This is where I am. 


Sixteen scrappy nine-patch blocks.  A-la a quilt that Bonnie Hunter is making…seems every time I need a baby quilt, she’s making one and I can tag onto her idea.  I had these started and made the half dozen I needed this morning to get my count. 

We’ll see.  Stay tuned.  I’m thinking these might be the centers of some stars, white, set on a blue background and sashed with a red.  Pinwheels in the cornerstones. 

Or, I could continue with the scrappy theme and frame each one with strips and put them together with no sashing. 

Or, I could try to replicate Bonnie’s pattern.  It sure is a cute quilt.

Hmmm.  While I was looking in my strip drawer, I found enough white to make all the star points.  That might influence the decision.

But, this is the quilt I really want to make.  So, maybe I’ll stop at the store on the way home and pick up a nice piece of blue solid. 


Because I am nothing if not flexible. 

And, a little bit indecisive.

I found this quilt on pinterest a few weeks ago and it’s been on my mind ever since.  I want to make the quilt, whether it’s for this baby, or for our bed.  I’d like to make it with my 30’s repros if I make it for our bed. 

Who knows.  Maybe I’ll make two.

Everybody have a great Thursday.  Rob and I both feel like crap.  Don’t know if it’s allergies or if we picked up something.  I’m leaning toward allergies because it comes and goes…or maybe that’s just my imagination.

See ya’. 

Actually, if I see ya’, let’s bump elbows instead of hug…just in case.



lw said...

I like both quilts, I'm a sucker for scrappy ones, though, so maybe I like that one a bit better.

Oddly, I'm having the same allergy/cold thing. I keep thinking I'm getting a cold and taking extra vitamin C, D3 and propolis and feeling fine the next morning only to have it pop up again a day later. But it doesn't seem to stick around, so that's something.

Becky said...

Lane, I made the 2nd quilt using 30's reproduction fabrics. I used a royal blue solid. I love it! It is throw size.

Hope you feel better soon!
Love ya!