A beagle for the Beagle Man

I finally got the Beagle block together.  I won't say it was "easy". Getting the seams to match correctly was a lot of work, and it took a lot of time, despite the precise paper piecing.  But, in the end, after some good old fashioned seam ripper time and some Sally Collins precision trimming, it all came together, and matched up. 


Of course, the head was the hardest part.  The most small pieces and lines that needed to match together.  But, that white section on the belly wasn't any walk in the park, either.

I didn't do too bad, did I Mable?

Mable approves!

You know, if I'd keep my kitchen rugs straight all the time, my Kitchen would be ready for impromptu photo sessions with the lovely Miss Mable whenever she was ready.

Well, we're still recovering.  Rob came in the studio this morning, on his way to work, and said he understood why people go on honeymoon.  You just don't want the good times to end. 

We are still riding the wave.  But, it's also time to help Sydney find a job and now that the rain has stopped, we have to decide how we're going to spend the rest of the summer. 

And, it's time to get back to the office... and actually get some work done.

Everybody have a great Monday.  Lane


Andra Gayle said...

LOVE that block!

lw said...

Love the beagle, looks just like Mabel. I also love the honeymoon idea, you've been waiting to be legally married for years, it really cries out for more celebration.

Kath said...

I love this Lane, I wonder if the Mabel lookalike has a name yet :-)

Elizabeth said...

Mable is SO cute! We're picking up our new beagle puppy, Lucy, tomorrow. We can't wait! You did a beautiful job on the beagle block, too.

Hope you and Rob continue "riding the wave" for some time to come.

xo -E