The evolution of my favorite needle case

A few years ago, when I was collecting vintage sewing stuff, I bought a sunbonnet needle case.

The seller lost it before shipping and refunded my money.  A few weeks later, an unexpected package arrived.  It was the needle case.  I immediately put the right cash, and a little extra for gratitude, and a thank you note in return mail.  I was so glad to receive this.

It opens up for needles and pins, and if you untie the ribbons, it opens a little gathered purse for thread and thimble and snips.

While I was waiting, one of my followers (If it was you, Thanks again!) sent me a link to a pattern to make my own.  But, I decided I didn't want the cardboard "wings" that opened for the needle case.  I wanted it to more closely imitate the original inspiration, my Grandmother's bonnet that she wore when we worked in the garden. 
So, instead of a cardboard brim, I added a piece of batting and quilted it in echo lines, just like my Grandmother's was. 
That gave me a nice quilted place for needles and pins.  I used elastic to gather the "purse" part and added a narrow strip with a button on the end to secure a spool of thread to.  It's a quarter inch tape (like the ties), sewn closed, with a button at one end and a safety pin at the other.  I can push the safety pin through a spool and then pin it to the bonnet.
It worked great.  There are two snap closures in the brim.  I could use the ties to safety pin it to a quilt and it would just stay there and I could always find it.  But, stuff fell out.  Constantly.
On Saturday, when I needed a distraction, I tried to do something about that, and it was a real pain to add anything to hold scissors and stuff. So, I found the pattern again, printed a new copy, and made a new one. 

Instead of elastic, the purse is gathered along the two ties, so they can be untied and it can be spread open.  The brim is still quilted.  It still has a snap closure.

But, now it has little snap tabs to hold the scissors and the clamp.  The same strip with button and safety pin holds the thread.  The little needle "jar" is permanent to hold new needles in the small plastic container and the brim holds needles in use and pins.  It can still be pinned to a quilt for convenience. 

It's the perfect evolution of the perfect tool for me.  But, I'm not promising I won't eventually make another one that's even better!

And, it's cute as the dickens, ain't it?

And, every time I see one of them, it reminds me of my Sweet Grandmother and the times I spent with she and my Grandfather.  Wonderful memories with frequent interactions. 

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  Lane

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lw said...

If I saw your sunbonnet needle/scissors keeper at a quilt show, I would buy it in a heartbeat.