How far is too far?

I needed a back for this quilt. 

This is an odd quilt.  Almost monochromatic, but not quite.  Different for me.

So, when it was time to piece a back, I decided I wanted to use all the fabric that was left, including the leftover strips. 

And, I pretty much did.  I think there are two strips about 3" wide by width of fabric leftover.  I added two yards of solid green that I brought home and discovered was WRONG for a different project, but was perfect for this one.


Rob pointed out that it's nearly a modern quilt of its own. 

But, I think it will make a great back for the quilt, and, best of all, it used up the fabric bits.

So, next is designing the repeating patterns for the quilt.  I'm going to do something else different for me and try to mark the quilt with a water soluble pen before I baste it.  I normally mark after pin basting... but hey, if you're doing stuff different, why draw a line at how different, right?

Everybody have a great Wednesday. 

Rob and I still laugh when we call one another husband.  It just sounds funny. 

And, at the same time, comfortable.



lw said...

It's a double sided quilt, and the back is really cool. The back takes the quilt over the top.

lw said...

Have you noticed that the pieced backs make any difference in the quality of the quilting?

Anonymous said...

Wish you both all the happiness in the world. lum

Becky said...

That quilt is actually beautiful! I love your idea for the back. Once again, your sense of style wins! Truly a keepsake! This is a baby quilt, isn't it? I think I remember reading that....but if not, I won't be surprised. After the big move and breaking my shoulder my brain rarely works anymore!!

Love you!