One section finished

I've been hand quilting a lot lately.  It's so relaxing.  I can sit for hours and just rock the needle through the layers of fabric.  I haven't been able to show really good pictures because I quilt randomly here and there. 

I posted about that the other day, but I finally figured out why.  I use water soluble ink to mark with and then I spritz the quilt with water to take it out.  So, the next thing I want to mark has to be far away, to stay out of the water.

Anyway, I finally completed a big section.  All the sashing and everything in the block. 

That is some very dense quilting.  No wonder it has taken multiple years to get this far.  And, I'm still not near complete.  But, I'm closer than I was and every stitch gets me closer still.

Everybody have a great Friday. 

I am off and looking around for things to do.  What is next? 



Kathleen said...

it's gorgeous. Some things are just worth the extra time. Most people don't have anything so lovely to show for their therapy time !

lw said...

So beautiful!

Carla said...

Beautiful quilting. My hand quilting sucks.
Thanks for sharing this