2 steps forward, one step back

Or maybe I should more appropriately say, a lotta steps back.

I did get two quilts basted this weekend. This one is in the frame for some hand quilting, which I'm enjoying very much. I took it outside, frame and all yesterday and quilted for a couple of hours in the swing, enjoying the breeze.

And, this one, I knocked out last night. It's all pin basted and ready to start machine quilting.

And, last night, when we left the house for dinner, we saw a large puddle of red transmission fluid under my car. A very large puddle. So, I'm out to look at that. I'm really hoping I don't have to have it towed to the shop. Grrr. Either way, I guess I'll be working from home tomorrow and walking back and forth to the shop. Good thing it's only a couple miles away. Lane


Bonnie K Hunter said...

Good morning, Lane! The projects look GORGEOUS!! I also really love hand quilting my smaller ones. I haven't quilted outside yet, It's awfully muggy out there, and even in the shade on my front porch swing...whoooooeeee!

Hope the transmission thing is just an easy to fix leak, something that came loose and can be a quick fix. :c)

Happy Stitches - - -

Crispy said...

Great quilts Lane!! Maybe the seal is old and needs to be replaced, a much cheaper fix than a new tranny!!


Coloradolady said...

Lane, good progress....sorry about your car....hey, my daughter is in Austin, I can have her shuffle you around if you need it!!!

hope it is a easy and cheap fix for you! Have a great day!!

Shirleymac said...

Beautiful quilts Lane. I especially like the 2nd one. It reminds me of the Underground Railroad quilt I made only different blocks of course. Good luck with your car. At least you get to go for a walk and you get to stay home from the office.

Michelle said...

Both are beautiful quilts, but really love the Drunkard's Path. It's one of my favorite patterns. In fact, I'm cutting for my 2nd one now.

Hope you don't have to have the car towed. What a headache!

Barb said...

Your quilts look awesome....good luck with the car!

Quiltluver said...

Lovely quilts. Hope your car is something easy and cheap to fix!

lw said...

I love the idea of quilting outside, but I'm not sure that I could keep our large furry dog from rubbing up against it while I'm out there.

The quilts are beautiful; the drunkard's path is very random, my eyes just want to keep wandering over it and the colors are lovely.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I like the first one A LOT!

Sorry to hear abut your car. Hope it's easily fix-able!

Sunshine said...

Thanks for the quilty update! Time to get a bike, eh? :) This summer, we're having tons of construction IN town (as opposed to on the highways) - we're getting at least 3 round-abouts in a 3 square km area, yikes... I love breezing by all the cars backed up to the next intersection, teheehee.


Elizabeth said...

Lane, your quilts are all so lovely. The drunkard's path is a such a nice one. The colors are beautiful. You may have mentioned the fabrics, but it has slipped my mind. Would you mind? I may have to copy.

Oh, and I love that semi-portableness of that oval frame for hand quilting. I might have to try that some year.

P.S. Now may be the time for getting another VW Bug for commuting, although with that you'll have all kinds of interesting things leaking on your driveway (lol).

oldbatt said...

Good luck with your vehicle - I hate car problems! Love both those quilts and admire that you can hand and machine quilt! Best, Lisa BTW - it was a funeral - not a fry!