The best laid plans

Well, it is the first day of summer vacation for the kid. I thought I'd try to make it special and take her to breakfast before dropping her at summer camp. It's too early for summer camp and there was nothing on the plan for today and I thought breakfast would be a nice little bit of the day when she wouldn't be bored with the little kids and when we could spend a little extra time together.

My vision: I'd let her sleep late and she'd get up singing happy songs about how school was out. We'd get ready for our days, pack our lunches, head out to a restaurant where a waiter would take my order for a nice healthy breakfast that included eggs, biscuits and fruit. Then, we'd head back to the house, pick up our lunches and go do our separate things.

What happened: I let her sleep late and got 5"3" of attitude, huge hair, and grumpiness, followed by complaining about what she had picked to take for lunches this week. At this point, she'd been up for 50 minutes and I'd spent 25 minutes of that walking by myself and another 20 showering and getting ready, and those other 5 minutes were about all the father/daughter time I thought I could handle. So, I stepped her back and gave her another 5 to adjust her attitute. After that, it was all sherry and giggles as we did my morning garden walk and finished getting ready. She picked a burger place for breakfast and rushed me through the whole thing. "Hurry, hurry, hurry, I want to get to camp and see Shelley (the camp counselor)". "Stop singing. You don't know how." "Don't dance. You don't know how."

She's so lucky. She has no idea how few parents are actually happy enough to sing and dance. Even if they don't know how. One day she's going to remember that it wasn't all fighting about homework and chores.

On a side note, I'm going to have to be careful what I blog about. After my post yesterday about the sudden summer storm, we had a gulleywasher yesterday evening. There were even some blown down trees in the 'hood. Thunder, lightening, the cap blew off our chimney. No serious damage and thankfully, no hail.

And, the kid finally has a college fund. I realized yesterday that, after two years, every extra dime wasn't going to clothes, dolls, and legal fees and it was time to put that extra money into her continued education, or I was going to start spending it on myself. So, I opened the account, deposited a nice chunk of quilt fabric money (yes, that's what I would have spent it on) and plan to watch that 1.1% apr make it grow. Right!

Anyway, it's a start. Now if I can just be regular about putting money in every payday, maybe she won't spend all her adult life sleeping on our couch. Yes, our couch. I plan to turn her room into a second sewing room the day after she moves out, so there won't be anyplace to sleep but the couch.

Take care and have a great Thursday. I'm a little behind on my ambitious plan to finish the fancy quilt and get working on the Indian Orange Peel. I put the last quilting stitches in today instead of last weekend and now I need to bind it. I promise, pictures are forthcoming. Lane


Becky said...

Boy, those kids can throw a pleasant day on it's ear, can't they!! Mine used to. I added these days to my list of lessons learned about unrealistic expectations. Ugh. I used to wonder why I couldn't get ONE day of co-operation, good attitude and a grateful kid all rolled into one. I am happy to report there were a few....not many....but a few....so hang in there!!

Sunshine said...

It's really worth it to check your blog over lunch time, when I have time to read the text (as opposed to the stolen glances, with my fingers hovering above alt+tab in case someone walks in :) - you write well, it's fun to read!
Your post also got me thinking about the definition of "father" - I grew up without one, so have only vague ideas about what they're supposed to be. Now, I generally like to think about words, their history, meaning etc, so this is purely my curiosity speaking. On the one hand, father has the purely biological meaning of "sperm-provider", but then there is the cultural meaning - that's where it gets fuzzy for me. Traditionally, the father would be the provider and the mother the care-taker, but those roles have shifted nowadays, while still carrying the traditional associations. I'm thinking there should be new words, to fully express parental roles. No idea what they would be... just my musing for the day :)


oldbatt said...

Lane, I was toying with the idea of having a little "last day of school party" tomorrow. I would bake a cake and decorate the kitchen. I want the kids to remember things like this instead of me "yelling" at them to pick up and do their homework and feed the dogs. They already know I sing and dance whenever I get the chance so I will embarass them as long as I can. I was also toying with the idea of writing each of my soccer players who I coach a nice card of thanks and tell them how I think they are the best. Now I just have to sit down and do it! Best, Lisa

Cynthia L. said...

You had me at breakfast biscuit! I hope it had cream gravy on it. It is so hard to find good cream gravy up here.

I have always danced and sang and embarassed my daughter. I think it is good that our kids realize that we are "people" also, not just parents. Keep on doing what you are doing, it will all work out in the end and she will be thankful for the crazieness and the parenting.

Elizabeth said...

If only real life could be as we imagine it . . .

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

just caught up with your blog..
thank you for your kind words re maddie

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

And just think Lane- you have at least another 6 years of being told about all the things you cant do right.

My favourite line in this whole post ?

"I let her sleep late and got 5"3" of attitude, huge hair, and grumpiness"....She sounds totally normal to me. And so do you. I love how you can take this stuff and write about it and it still comes across how much you love her.