tick-tock, tick-tock

The sound of the Friday clock.
Slowly the second hand passes the 12
And every second seems like more...


Ha! You thought I was going to use a bad word, didn't you. No, not today. I've already been admonished today for saying ass. As in "what a dumbass" when the decorator painted the people's house purple on HGTV this morning. They didn't like it. I didn't like it. Sydney? She liked it.

I'm just waiting for the day to be over. I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy and hopefully, at least some of it will be mentally stimulating. All these weeks I've been waiting for my boss's presentation to be over so we could rest for a few days and now we've done everything we can. The rest is up to him. So now I can finally take a half hour and clear off my desk. Do a little filing. And, a little dusting. It's way past time.

On a side note, I have finally broken all ties to Martha Stewart. Yesterday, I sold her stock...stock that I lost my shirt on. Thank goodness I didn't let her lose very much of my money. Who knew that she'd come out of jail worse than when she went in??? Isn't pennance supposed to make people better? I mean, she changed her format to the one thing she can't do. She tried to run a talk show. And, she CAN'T TALK TO PEOPLE!

I held that stock for years, hoping that it would go up. Thinking that I couldn't afford to sell it. But, yesterday, I cut my losses. And, what did I buy? I bought into a company that makes parts for those huge windmills for windfarms. That's much more in line with my priorities today.

So, farewell Martha. Here's your ring back. The engagement is over. You should have seen it coming when I recycled 5 years worth of back issues of Living. Oh, and take my feedback. You did better talking at people than you ever will talking to them. Stick with what you know, girl!

Love, Lane

p.s. if Martha leaves feedback like Emilie did, I'm gonna just die. Sink right into the ground like that building in Guatamala.


Becky said...

Hahaha! Ta-ta, Martha!! Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Becky

Elizabeth said...

Stick to your guns. Don't let Martha intimidate you! I've never liked her much at all. She doesn't just talk at people. She talks down to them. There is nothing sincere about her. So if she comments here, we've got your back! Don't worry about her.

Hazel said...

To funny ,bye bye Martha ,now the windfarms sound promising ,good luck with that .

oldbatt said...

Martha can't even make a decent pair of mittens! I've seen her pattern and it's not that good! So there! Have a super weekend Lane! Lisa

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Funny Post!I chuckled all the way through. So sorry you've dumped Martha from your life. She's probably secretly devastated.

How funny would it be if she did come and post a comment though?

Rhoda said...

I will never forget a show where some children were doing crafts that Martha was describing. Martha got so frustrated that the kids were going too slowly you could see her just wanting to grab them from the kids hands and do it herself. She never snapped, but she got close to it. That's when I stopped watching.

lw said...

Not that I'll ever know, but I think life is pretty strange for beauty contest winners (like Martha) in general. That type of beauty comes with its own set of expectations; I think the possessors eventually absorb those expectations and expect to be able to deliver on them.

Anyway, here's hoping Martha goes back to pure design and gets back in touch with her strengths.

Barb H said...

I used to be a fan of Martha's--I watched her original show quite faithfully since I thought she brought a back a sense of class and style that has been missing in the US since the 60's. But I got bored with her and cancelled my subscription. I watched her new show a couple of times and never did care for it. Martha will survive even tho Lane and I have dissed her from our lives. LOL

Vesuviusmama said...

Lane, this is Martha writing... :)

Good thing you didn't lose too much on her stock. My husband and I owned a penny stock that my sister told us about. I think we bought it at about $2/share. We didn't have much, since we've never had so much money, but it never really did anything. After about two years, we sold it and bought a stock that pays dividends, feeling smug that we'd finally get something out of our money. My sister, who had a ton of that stock, stuck with it. After all, stocks are usually a long-term investment, right? A couple years ago, it went up to $20/share, so she sold some and got Lasik surgery. Last month, it went up to $55/share and she bought a fixer-upper lake house for vacations. (sigh) My dividends are looking pretty measley right now...

Sunshine said...

That sink-hole was quite something! I saw it on yahoo news when I logged into my email, and while I RARELY look at those news because it's so outrageous and sensational and not really 'my kind of news', I thought "that must be a fake photo!". So I checked the national Canadian paper and found it again, but they only spent ONE line on the sink-hole out of the whole article, as if this was an every-day occurrence! I'm still stunned that that wasn't worth a major article!

Good on you having the guts to buy into the stock market - too much risk for me! Heck, if I don't cut into my designer fabrics, I'll hardly risk my money, right??? ;)