A little sprucing up

That's exactly what this poor tired bed on the dark side of our house needed. This bed runs up the north side of the house, around the outside air conditioning unit and then around the corner and ends at the garage door. I thought the aspidistra was dying on the front because that faces west and it gets a lot of sun. The plants looked sad and brown. But, when I cut the dead out of the bed and moved a little bit from where I didn't want it to where I did, and got a few years of oak leaves out of it, the bed looked pretty good. Unfortunately, it was a mosquitoe hotel and when I stirred it up, they all went through the open garage door and into the house. The three of us spent all of Saturday night swatting and slapping and scratching. We were smarter on Sunday when we planted the white impatiens and red begonias around the edge. First, we didn't disturb the aspidistra and second, we left the garage door down. But, even with that, the mosquitoes tried to carry us off, one drop at a time.

These pictures are from the back garden. First, to the right. The gate you see is the same as what you saw in the previous picture, upper left corner, from the inside. Still, not much color, but things are getting ready to bloom and fill this area in.
And, this is to the left. You can see the tall pink phlox just getting started. I have those all over and they will bloom for a large part of the summer. The daylily show is changing from the common orange and yellow to the specialty daylilies that are left, so there should be a good bit more show.

Here is a pink one that bloomed next to my glider. When the sun is shining, I love to sit out here. The mosquitoes don't bother me so much in the sunshine.
And, just talking about those skeeters has got me itching all over.
I did finish the feather quilting project. Got the last stitches on the border Saturday night and never got around to washing and blocking yesterday. Too many other things going on, I guess. And, I was working with chemicals and the last thing I want to do is get anything on that quilt.
I've been refinishing some very small furniture and remembered how much I used to like to do that. Fortunately, we have enough pieces that need work that I should never be bored. I have clearance to repaint some tables next weekend and I'm really looking forward to it. After that, the end tables in the living room need refinishing. And, I have a dresser... Always gotta have a project.
Take care and have a great Monday. Lane


Vesuviusmama said...

Lane, I could probably look this up in a book, but it is more fun to ask you. I have some daylilies that have grown beyond my wildest expectations and I am hoping to thin them out a bit and maybe move some of them to another location. Can I do that? And if so, when is the time to do that? Probably not when they are blooming, huh?

lw said...

I love your garden, it's looking good.

I'm not real fond of mosquitoes, either. I wonder if there's something you could spray on the shrubs to keep them from hanging around.

Shirleymac said...

You have such a great yard Lane. I keep thinking mosquitoes don't bother me but we actually had one here in the house the other night and it was so annoying. Luckily we have very few in this area. I was going to suggest impatiens for that shady side of the house. Unfortunately their annuals but they bloom all summer long. Thanks for the answer to my hand quilting question. I'm finding with the hoop that it isn't puckering so much.