It was a happy Father's day

Ya' know, some of the best days are when the least happens. At least for us. When Rob and I talk on the phone in the mornings about what happened between the time he left for work and the time I dropped Sydney at wherever she's going for the day, the best report I can give is that nothing happened. And, we enjoyed a similar experience yesterday. There was the exchanging of cards, me to Rob, Rob to me, Sydney to both of us (double fathers makes for several interesting exchanges per year). Then, there was puttering around the house and then the shopping and then we went to the movies to see Robin Hood (very good movie (i even managed to stay awake through the whole thing)). Chores in the afternoon and then steaks and baked potatoes and salad for supper (the perfect manly meal). A happy Father's day call to my Dad. And, just when we were getting tired of the sound of one another's voices, the weekend was over.

The perfect nothing happened weekend. Perfect to celebrate Father's day. No arguing, no unpleasantness. Peace reigned supreme.

I did manage to get out in the yard for some pictures. I don't know what this daylily is. It bloomed at the end of a scape of double ditch orange daylilies and as you can see, it's not double. Genetics are a funny thing, huh?

This one is one of Rob's favorites and you can see why. It's called Highland Lord.

This is a triple ditch orange. See all those petals? There are 18, three layers of six petals each. And, very orange, even though the picture looks yellow. I think these are called ditch because they're so common. As I understand it, triple orange is the dominant genetic form of daylily and if allowed to cross with any other, will produce a triple orange seed. I try to pull the seeds so I don't get any more and instead rely on division to spread them.

And, we're not sure what this is and I'm hoping my Mom can fill it in. We have two of them and we think they're either Charlene's patio or Yabba-Dabba-Doo. They are scarlet red and you can see how lovely. And, they're prolific bloomers this time of year.

I got all those strolling around yesterday, pulling weeds. I go out and enjoy the beds every day. They are a peaceful place for me and I have sitting spots in them and across from them so I can look from either view.
Hope you had a great weekend and that your Father's Day was fun. Take care and we'll see you on the www. Lane


Becky said...

Glad you had a peaceful, restful Father's Day! You have earned it!!

Cynthia L. said...

Glad you had a good day. We also went to the movie - we saw Toy Story 3 in 3D. It was really good. Love your lilies - we have some too and they are some of my favorites.

Elizabeth said...

Those peaceful, no fighting kinds of days are the best. Love your day lilies! Mine are just starting to come into bloom, the orange old-fashioned first. Thanks for sharing!

Rhoda said...

Your daylillies are wonderful! I, too, go out every day and look at the gardens. it's food for the soul.

Michelle said...

You're absolutely right--some of the best days are the ones that are just beautifully mundane. Thanks for the tour of your daylillies. Beautiful!

Crispy said...

Peaceful days are the best!! :0)