Another game, another loss.

It was so hard to watch the girls play volleyball last night and see them lose, again. Unfortunately, the A team beat themselves. They are reluctant to call the ball and it ends up hitting the floor in the middle of them without being returned. The B team, that Sydney is on, showed marked progress since last week. They are getting better at calling the ball and more of their serves are going over the net. I have to wonder if the coach will start moving girls from the B team up to the A team in the next couple of weeks. She sure has some strong players on the B team, which I guess she did so they would stand a chance at competing.

But, besides the play, there was all kinds of parental stuff going on.

I got a text from Sydney yesterday afternoon that she needed me to bring TP's to the game. Then, I got a couple of follow-up texts about when I was going to bring them, so I was really hustling trying to help her out, even though it really pisses me off when she gets caught unprepared...I mean, it ain't like she ever skips a month, but what do I know. I'm a man. Anyway, I get there with them discreetly wrapped in a brown paper bag and rush to her side for the hand off and she screeches "get away from me. if I talk to you I'll get in trouble!" Yikes, talk about hurry up and get some rejection.

Anyway, while we were waiting on the A game to finish, she turns around to let me know that the jersey that I so carefully tried to repair last weekend has again split down the side and her bra is showing. Since I didn't have my handy roll of duct tape, there really wasn't much I could do and she started to tear up, which of course pulled at my heart strings. Especially since I couldn't do anything about it. But, she got with the coach between games and they worked out another shirt and all was well after that. And, it was good to watch her solve her own problem.

After the game there was the obligatory cheese burger bingefest and a long discussion about the game and while she was in the shower, the adrenalin burned off and she collapsed in the living room floor until bedtime.

Ahhh, the joys of parenthood.

Take care and have a great Friday. I'll be pulling another UFO out of the closet this weekend. I've given up on the one I was working on and allowed it to pass silently into the great void. It was still a disaster and I was not going to be able to pull anymore quilting out and leave enough viable fabric to make up the quilt surface (I estimate I've pulled the quilting out of it 7 or 8 times over the last two years). I actually threw away my first quilt. And, it was a very liberating feeling and proved that there is more than one way to get a quilt off the UFO list.



Michelle said...

You're doing great! Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth said...

You get HUGE points for the brown paper bag and discretion and being the back-up. Being a girl is sometimes a hassle. Being a girl and a teenager is the pits. So thank you from the collective of womankind.

xo -E

Becky said...

You threw away Mr. Sun??????!!!!!! You could have sent it to me.....I thought it was perfect!!

Coloradolady said...

Oh, you didn't......tell me it is not so....you threw it away???? wow.....LOL

Great job on the paper bag...I am so tired, I thought she was asking for toilet paper!!!!!!!

We'll be in Austin bright and early tomorrow morning moving the girl, buying groceries, hauling boxes to the dumpster, carrying all the heavy stuff....you know...all the stuff parents are supposed to do!! Hopefully, Sunday, I can rest! Have a great weekend my friend!!

Shay said...

Congratulations. You have a kid who has reached that stage of adolesence where they love you one second and dont want a bar of you the next. You will spend the next 5 years living with a irrational human being where you can never do anything right. Roll with the punches baby.
Despite all of this she will need you more desperately in this 5 years than any other time in her life.

I am giving you extra brownie points for the paper bag. You rock. 99% of men would have handed them over without a bag in full view of everyone within a 5 kilometre radius. I'm re-naming you "Fab-Dad"

greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

What a great way to get rid of a UFO! I did that last weekend - AND I got rid of the pattern - and it was so liberating. Now it can't beg to be finished any more!

lw said...

I agree with Mrs. Pyjamas-- you are the Fab-Dad. My dad never in a zillion years would have responded to that distress call. Luckily for me our HS had an angel named Mrs. Kennedy, who took care of us, kept us from getting beaten up in the locker room, ensured that the bathrooms were clean and usable and always had girl stuff for us. She didn't teach, she just kept order.

I agree with your liberating solution to the unquiltable quilt. "Sometime it just be's that way."

Shevvy said...

Great job with the brown paper bag. Its rubbish being a teenage girl.
And the sport commententary sounds great, I've no idea what it all means but it sounds like you do!