It looks worse than it was

You're thinking "What was he thinking? He needs more fabric like Erie needs more lake. But, it really wasn't that bad. All the large bundles of fabric came from the guild's boutique, so they were like 69" for $3.75 or 46"+ for $1.50. The rest of the fabric pieces were all on sale. I've got my good quilting eye on that turquoise and salmon bundle on the left. And, I can still add to my repro fabrics, even though I haven't started making a quilt with them yet.

I was, however, allowing myself tools and I stocked up on several kinds of hand quilting needles that the sellers bragged about. Can't wait to try them. The English needles I've been using are fabulous; really, they are. But, they bend after about an hour and a half of sewing. Needles are cheap, but not that cheap. And, I finally bought a wooden needle case. No more traveling with needles in a box intended for mechanical pencil lead. And, I finally got a real stilletto. I've been using other things for that purpose and have struggled. Now, I know it is a useful tool, so I was willing to invest in one.

I also got cheater needles to make it easier when I'm burying threads instead of doing dense stitching for knots. I buried all the threads on that fancy quilt a few months ago and threaded each pair of threads through a regular needle. It was a chore. Not sure how these work yet, but the man guaranteed me they would be easier than what I had been doing.

But, my biggest indulgence was that little spool of thread on the right. It's 100 wt silk and I intend to do a little wholecloth work with it and see if it's really all the Diane Gaudynski says it is. It was $6.00 for 250meters.

But, I will wait...No, I really will wait. Don't guffaw at me, please.

I have a triple irish chain quilt to iron and then pin baste this morning before the house wakes up.

See ya' Lane


Vesuviusmama said...

That's quite a haul! I need to explore other needles more - I just use what I have, and while I am often disappointed, I'm not moved enough to try new things. Enjoy all your goodies!

Sequana said...

I use a lot of "straw" or "milliners" needles, and I never think they are really broken in until they bend. In my mind and hands, that makes them easier to use.

lw said...

I've tried 100 wt silk and it's so fine that it hid a lot of my mistakes. Let us know what you think of it. I liked it so much I've been buying it when it goes on sale at Momen+ (my local Japanese import fabric store.)

Elizabeth said...

I'm fairly certain you don't have to justify your purchases to any of us ;). We all completely 'get' it. Can't wait to see what you do with the turquoise and salmon. That should be really pretty.

xo -E

Rhoda said...

I'm with Elizabeth.