The dark red bedroom and new phones

I got a lot of requests for pictures of the dark red bedroom. So, here it is.

This is the fabric it all started with.
And, I made the comforter from canvas, so it will basically last forever. And, of course, every well decorated room needs a custom quilt.

Don't tell anyone, but I bought the house for these doors in the master bedroom. Made the roman shades and curtains.

Left side of the room.

And, right side. More shades and curtains. You can see the custom head board. The green barrelback chair in this photo came from my Grandmother's house and it's one of the reasons I picked this plaid. The plaid has the same shade of green.

And, these are our new phones.

Sydney has not stopped texting since Friday night. I think she's trying to further define "unlimited".

And, big old wierdo that I am, I've spent the whole day...yes, the WHOLE day ripping out all the quilting I put in over the last two days. I have lost the tension war. Better can be done with a better thread. Now, I'm trying to figure out what's so special about this quilt that I would quilt it twice???

Take care and hope you and yours have had a great Labor day. Lane


Becky said...

AAAACCCCKKKKK!! Lane, my dear, you are driving yourself nuts!!! It looked great to me! And I am sure the beautiful motif of the sun is the reason that you would continue to quilt it. Bless your heart, you end up with a beautiful piece of art when you finally get it the way you want it! They say the third time's the charm!! Have at it!

Pauline said...

Stunning room! Are you a professional decorator?
I love the way you incorporated your grandmothers chair into the room and then found the perfect green to go with it. As to ripping and requilting....'fraid I can't do that. My quilts will only get one shot and I'm off on another project. Naturally we can't see your quilting stitches, but I'll bet they were close to perfect. Thanks for your tip on the hoops, I've ordered one which should be here next week. I only have 5 unfinished tops, so will welcome some hand work for evenings with my DH.

lw said...

I really love your room--very warm and inviting! I love Grandma's chair.

Alas, I am also removing about 36 square inches because my Janome had tension issues (lint clogs.) Sigh...it's either right or it isn't.

Angie Padilla said...

Ok, could you please come down and decorate my home? Absolutely love the red. And everything else in the room. Wonderful prints on the wall! And the trunk. And the chair. And... And...

Momma Made This said...

I love this, Lane! Red was my favorite color decades before it was "fashionable." You've got the perfect shade, too. Like others... will you come and do my room?

You are re-quilting a quilt? I've done that! And it was a king sized quilt, too. But I used the first quilting as "basting" and requilted over that, picking out my painstaking hand quilted stitches as I went. Pitiful, huh?

Off to read your more recent posts. Did I mention that I love your room? Not just the color... not just the plaid, not just the chair... the incredible artwork, the incredible quilt... the whole of the room... it's truly a work of art. Aren't you lucky to have it? And I agree... I'd buy the place for those doors, too!

~ Ronda

andsewon said...

What a very nice room you all have pulled together Lane!
I really like that plaid and all your custom touches.
I have to admit I am a texting fool as well an over the hill teenager!;-)
I sure hope you will soon have your quilting to a point you are happy with it.

Elizabeth said...

Love your custom quilt at the foot of the bed. Very pretty! Also, your red plaid fabric is awesome. As I was cleaning the shower today, I realized that my shower curtain is very similar to it. Then I started to wonder if it would make the bathroom too small if I painted it red. I've wanted a red room for a long time. I really wanted the kitchen to be red, but Mr. Bug flat out vetoed that. I've decided to go with a really pretty, very light, almost neutral mossy green. Someday . . .

Anyway, thanks for showing your room. It looks like a very comfortable, homey place. I love how you accented it with that plaid fabric. The roman shades are fabulous (I'd love to do some for my kitchen) and the headboard is really nice.

xo -E

Vesuviusmama said...

I love your room - very spacious but cozy at the same time. And so neat - do you actually live in there? Where are the piles of laundry? The stacks of books you are in the midst of reading? The shoes that haven't made it back into the closet yet? Or is that just MY room?