Remember this old machine? It's the one I rewired in April. I didn't have an owner's manual, didn't know the manufacturer, but a commenter happened to have me look into National Rotary sewing machines instead of White and I started to learn more about it. Eldredge Sewing Machine and National Sewing Machine made many of the machines sold under lesser known brand names, like this Scarbrough. They often made machines that were named for the stores that sold them and Scarbrough's was a big department store chain around here that started in San Antionio and was still in business when I moved here.

Coincidentally, after I learned more about the machine, I happened to be scrolling through ebay under Vintage Sewing Machines (I know, that's a very dangerous activity for a collector) and I saw this set of attachments. Just from the picture on the cover of the Instruction Manual, I happened to recognize my machine. Now I have a set of Griest attachments that actually went with this model machine. There were even the extra long needles that are almost impossible to find, two bobbins and the orginal certificate of warranty issued to the purchaser of whatever machine these were originally sold with. And, I confess. I did pull my machine out just now to make sure that the machine number on the certificate wasn't the number of my machine. That would have just been too coincidental, right?

I picked up the set of attachments below a couple of years ago when I first started collecting and didn't realize that they wouldn't fit my old singers. I wasn't familiar with griest attachments. I happened to pull out the old Scarbrough and saw that they would fit it, so that was coincidental. Now that I have the attachments for the Scarbrough, I can move this set to my new Kenmore, which is also Griest.

Hey, sometimes coincidence is where you create it.

Hope you're having a great Sunday. I'm out to work in the yard before it gets too hot. Lane


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Awesome! I have an old Pfaff. I was trying to find a zipper foot for it and posted in a Pfaff forum.... ended up with a complete set of feet--everything they made for my model of machine--for what it cost to mail it to me!

Judy Dietrich said...

Hi Lane, just wanted to say that I love reading your blog. It is so neat that you are making a linus quilt every month to donate. I can also relate to the teenage years, as I have finally just gotten to the other side with my 2 sons. I will say that it is very difficult to know what goes on in the mind of the child you are raising from one minute to the next. The fact that I am female and my boys are male made it a very fun trip through adolescence to teenagers to young men. My husband used to laugh at me when I would get mad at them, saying it just what boys do........ It is tough to be the parent of a child and not their best friend--but it will turn completely around when they live on their own for a little while. My parents were tough on me with finishing tasks, manners, being humane to others, not being "catty"--while all my classmates were self-absorbed with the opposite desires to make life miserable for others. I had to be in by 10 during my first 2 years of high school. But I lived through it all, and am now most grateful that my children will some day understand the toughness will make them more loving people someday. Good Luck & thanks for sharing!!