Hello, world

From the small sewing room.

I think doctor's have gotten wise to us. At least my surgeon. He only told me what I asked about. I guess that's a very neat tactic for getting folks to actually show up for their surgery. I knew this was going to be rough, but I expected it to be painful rough. But, that's not been it. I've had very little pain and Rob helped me manage it beautifully. Friday and Saturday, I only needed one pain pill a day and that was near the end of the day, after I'd used my mouth to talk and eat. Yesterday, no pain pills at all. Just Ibuprofen for the soreness. And, I am sore.

No, the roughness has been eating; I'm still on soft foods and liquids. I thought I was prepared, but I wasn't. I am now, tho, but it required a stop at the market for things that I can swallow without chewing. I started with a big pot of potato soup from Coloradolady's recipe. Suzanne, it was wonderful and filling and everything I needed...after I'd run it through the blender so I could drink it.

We've established that I don't sit still well. I must have quite the reputation because I found out on Thursday night that Rob had actually gone so far as to lock me out of my sewing room, lest I decide I could rotary cut.

I asked first for my knitting and he wouldn't bring it, but this afghan for Linus sits out and I walked past it and snatched it up and brought it to my place on the sofa. Bella protected and comforted me, sticking close all day. Incidentally, could not have knitted, so, thanks Rob. It was hours later before I felt together enough to count 72 patterned sock stitches on four needles. Thank God those huge jowls went away.

Friday, I made myself a stocking cap. I found the pattern in a crochet for left handers book and didn't have enough yarn in this ball to make the whole thing, but didn't let that stop me and ended up with a very warm cap. This yarn is hemp and something, I don't remember what. I've had it for about 8 years and Rob has some things made out of it and this was all that was left of a couple of very expensive skeins. I'm making myself an olive green wool coat this fall and this should go with it mahvelously.

I finished my sock and am ready to start the next one. Thanks, Pauline for the suggestion on the ribbing at the top. I must have messed up a row when I ribbed this way the first time because it rolled before. It was worth starting it 18 times. Cute, huh? And all my home made socks are very warm and comfy.

On Saturday, I made myself a pair of shorts. This is a muslin, but they're fine for wearing around the house. My next pair will marry an attempt to add a bit at the hips without adding any at the waist.

And, yesterday, I finished the feathers on West of Paris, Texas. Someone asked me how I mark my feathers, but they commented with a no reply. If I want my feathers to be fluid and varied, which is how I like them, I only draw the stem and free hand all the feathers. If I want my feathers to be very regimented, I draw three lines. One is the stem and then there's a line on each side of the stem. That's how far out my feathers should go. If I limit the feather length by keeping them inside that line, it's easy to limit their width and make them very regimented.

For this, I did not want them to be regimented.

And, I haven't figured out today's project yet. Three more days. I cut out my denim quilt yesterday and Rob layed it out and we numbered it. That's some thing new, right? I need to quilt a Linus quilt that's already pieced. But, before that, I'm going to sit out in the swing with a book and enjoy the cool part of the day. Our daytime temps have been at or above 100 most of the month and it's just miserable out there, so I go out in the morning and stay in the rest of the day. My poor gardens are dying of thirst.

Have a great Monday. Lane


Becky said...

Wow, Lane! You even get a lot accomplished while you are recuperating! I had to laugh at Rob locking you out of your sewing room! Smart man!! I can't wait to see a full picture of West of Paris.....it's gonna be fabulous, I'm sure. The colors are great! Enjoy your book outside then stay comfy in the A/C! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you are recovering and the pain was not unbearable. I think people who sew really find recuperation when they can't create even more difficult.
It was me who asked about the feathers and I don't know much about commenting or blogs-still sort of in a learning process with the new tech stuff so sorry for whatever error in the reply thing I did. The feathers really are pretty and you are doing nice work with them. I don't know if I'll ever do larger quilts again but am interested in some making some runners and think the feathers look nice. Anyway hope you continue the recovery and thanks for the feather information. mssewcrazy

LynCC said...

Yes, Rob locking you out made me laugh for real, too. :) Good man, looking out for you like that!

Bonnie K Hunter said...

I'm one of those who just cannot SIT and do nothing either! Sometimes just thumbing through my books of antique quilts helps...plotting, planning, for future projects, even if I am not allowed to cut or sew! :c)

Glad you are well on the road to recovery!


lw said...

Glad you're feeling better. I love Bella sitting on your lap, ready to protect you from the world.

Piece by Piece said...

Glad you are feeling better. I hate sitting still also, I try to do something with my hands, read or plan future projects whether it is sewing related or some changes in my garden.
I am also having problems commenting on some blogs.

Coloradolady said...

Bless your heart!!! I am so glad that soup recipe serves you well!! I love it myself...in the cooler months that is!!

I like to sit and do something too, doing nothing is so very hard!! Hang in there....glad you are on the mend!!

woolywoman said...

dental stuff is the worst! glad you are feeling better!

INKcredible Girl said...

Glad you have a wonderful man to look after you , and I'm glad your starting to feel better