Power to the people

No, that's a bit 60's anti-establishment, even for today.

Power from the people. No, we all know that government is powered by John Boehner's tears.

That just leaves people powered. And, that's today's subject.

Couple of days ago, I decided to start a denim quilt and use my treadle (people powered) machine. Rob came home and he was intrigued and talked about making a video. Next thing I knew, the camera was behind me and the red light was on.

Okay, so I need to explain that I was on a pain pill and I hope my hands are not as animated in real life as they are in this video. Mostly, this is Rob and me having fun with our toys; he the camera and me the machine.

Hope you enjoy us playing. Have a great Wednesday. Lane


Bonnie K. Hunter said...

What FUN!!! I should have put on my blog, the one person I would like to spend the day with would be YOU...okay, and Rob too, so that's two! But I need to get my treadle up and running..I want it so bad..I'm just not a machine fixer person so I don't know how to attach the belt right, etc.

And I SO loved just listening to you two reminisce and chat. I felt like I was sitting there with my cup of tea just part of the conversation. Keep sharing the videos!!


Paul said...

Love that machine! I am not much of an antique buff, but an old treadle is one "Old" thing I would have in my home if I had the room.

Someday when I have a studio, I'll buy one. Maybe I'll fly you to Columbus to teach me how to use it, you look pretty proficient!!

Take Care,

Coloradolady said...

This was amazing....and I am with Bonnie....I'd love to spend the day with you two also!!! Maybe one day when I visit in Austin, we can meet somewhere for lunch!!

The video was simply wonderful. I too felt like I was sitting there with you watching and listening.....it was so much fun and a wonderful way to start my day.

Thanks Rob for thinking of taking the video...I certainly enjoyed it and certainly enjoyed listening to you guys talk about your treasure hunting~

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

okay, and if PAUL is flying you to Columbus to show HIM how to treadle, I want to come too! We should do it during quilt show time, and have a party..just sayin!

I'm sure Paul doesn't mind if I invite myself as well...LOL!!

Coloradolady said...

Bonnie and Paul....if this is going to be a party, I will buy a treadle and we will just have to make it a party!!!

This WOULD be one of the most amazing days!!! ;o)

Becky said...

LOVED seeing one of those "old girls" in action and the quilt is going to be wonderful! I would think a pet rescue group would love little quilts of denim for their rescues.

lw said...

Love the video-- so much fun! You're pretty relaxed in this video, and it doesn't seem to be affecting your ability to sew a good, straight seam, so the pain pills may be just the ticket for a relaxed video.

lw said...

One more comment-- I broke a weld on the bottom of my treadle deciding that I didn't need to start it with the hand wheel-- it's too much torque on the top right connection. Wish I'd figured that out before I broke the weld.

Frog Quilter said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing.

Shay said...

I cant tell you how much it thrilled me to hear you talk. And Rob too. I know this is stupid but Im always surprised when I hear people talk with American accents because in my head you all speak Australian!

I love denim quilts and used to make them for our pooches all the time- hard wearing, easy to wash, and quick to bang up.

Thanks for showing us yours being made. What a beautiful old sewing machine (and she sounds so smooth and perfect!)

INKcredible Girl said...

I love listening to you and Rob Talk you can hear the love!! I have made a denim raggy quilt and we use it as a couch cover I love it! Almost everyone that visits comments on it .

Michelle said...

Hi Lane,
Thank you for the video. Thank Rob too! It was a pleasure, and your treadle machine runs so smooth and quiet. You mentioned about doing the denim quilt with 'people power' to save stress on your motor powered machines. Are you using a jeans needle? If you aren't, you should. You will be amazed at how much easier the needle penetrates the denim. Might save your leg muscles too!

Be blessed!

Unknown said...

My first thought was, "how does he do that with no shoes on?" Then I realized I would probably do the same thing! Loved watching the video and I agree with everyone else, it was nice to put a voice to your face!

Tammy said...

Great treadling video Lane & Rob! I loved it! I must agree with LW it is not a good idea to start treadling with just your feet that is why they have a hand wheel. Your bobbin winder needs an adjustment so it doesn't fill past the bobbin rod. Also the bobbin winder should be pulled away from the hand wheel when sewing, less wear on the rubber tire. Some say that treadling is good for circulation in the legs and varicose veins.

The denim quilt is gorgeous. It will last for years.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this post and I have the exact same treadle model! Thanks to both of you for the nice video. mssewcrazy

Elizabeth said...

Fun video! Thanks for sharing.

xo -E

Vesuviusmama said...

I'm so intrigued! I bought a treadle machine at an auction several years ago - I need to figure out if I can get it up and running. It looks like you were using both feet - is that right?