The gathering

That title sounds like I'm proposing a gathering of the quilters I know, in some centrally located city. I WISH!!

What it's really about is my first gathered seam. The picture below is a shirt I'm making for Sydney. She picked all the fabrics and the pattern and I'm doing all the work. (At some point, we're going to need to rectify that.) Anyway, the pattern has elastic, a product I've only worked with in the waistband of boxer shorts and then it was an inch wide, not a quarter inch. This time, it was elastic in the collar.

But, just above the waistband is not elastic. That's a gathered seam. I read the instructions for that and thought "I can do that". But, then I started putting it together and realized I had to condense about 12" of bodice down to about 6" of bodice, without any wierd puckering. I fiddled with it a while, but I think I did a nice job of spreading out the gather so it looks even all the way across.

She's pretty pumped up about it and looking forward to having it, but not as much as she's looking forward to the purple button down that's next in the pile for her.

Oh, and total price for the above shirt? 2 yd fabric with a half price coupon = $5 (and some left for the stash); elastic = $1 (and almost the whole package left over for next time), thread = $1.50, Simplicity pattern on sale = .99c. Total, $8.49. Getting her out of her jeans and t-shirts? Priceless.

Funny, since she's come to us, she's always designed clothes. One of her favorite games a few years ago was to design dresses and set prices for them and try to get us to buy them. We'd compliment the huge feathery formal styles and pay play money to buy them in bulk. The best we could do was be buyers for a store as we don't actually wear dresses. Now, she's really designing her own clothes to wear. I'd forgotten all about those old design books of colored sketches. I wonder where they are now??? Can't be that far away. We save EVERYTHING.

Okay, so this next picture is a cautionary tale. It happened before my surgery, so was not the result of me being doped up and acting crazy dangerous like Rob thought I might. I had put a new blade in my rotary cutter one Sunday. I was cutting out something and dropped it. It hit my shoe and I didn't think anything of it. Gradually, over the afternoon, my shoe got loose, but I didn't think anything of that either. Then, in the evening, I went to untie my shoe and this is what I found. I'd cut off both ends of my shoelace, right at the knot.

Okay, so no running with scissors, and now no rotary cutting in bare feet. Rules, rules, rules. I guess we never outgrow them.



lw said...

You did a great job gathering the blouse, it's going to be pretty on Sydney!

Hmm...as to the rotary cutter, I'm thinking I should put the dogs out whenever I use it, just out of paranoia. Yikes!

Sharon said...

Oh, that rotary cut is so good. I dropped mine in bare feet and sliced a really neat cut that bleed like anything.. Never got the rule about wearing shoes to use rotary cutter.. Must be more careful..Love the blouse.. How great to see our children grow up and change.. Keep up the good influence..Love your blog..

Becky said...

Love the blouse. Sydney has a good eye for fabric selection too! You taught her well! Jeepers! Glad you didn't cut your foot or anything! Have a great day......Becky

Elizabeth said...

LOVE that fabric combination. That is going to be a super cute top for Sydney. I'm looking at it thinking that I might like to make that pattern for myself. It is probably too much to hope that the pattern is now a junior's size?

You did a really great job with the gathers. I hope Sydney will consent to model for us when it is finished!

Oh, and you're going to love teaching her garment construction. Start with something easy, though, like a pair of shorts with five seams and a casing at the waist.

xo -E

P.S. Loved the price list and your priceless conclusion!

Marla said...

You never know. You may have a Project Runway designer in the making! About the rotary cutter, I think I will start wearing shoes from now on instead of sandels. You made a believer out of me! And my cat? I am always afraid I am going to make a bobcat out of her one day. LOL

Lynette said...

That's a gorgeous shirt. Love Sydney's taste! and you're doing a terrific job on it.

Unknown said...

Sydney chose some really pretty fabric. The style looks nice also. Very modern!

Glad you had your shoes on and glad it was only the laces that got cut! I think we need to wear armour when using our rotary cutters!

Coloradolady said...

I LOVE the fabric of that shirt!! Great choices. I must check the Joann's here and see if they have it! I doubt it. I have been after that DS fabric with the blue dots and can not find it any were at Joann's here.....but I keep looking!!! pssst...I have cut my laces by mistake before too...felt like a fool!!!! Have a great weekend...maybe have a sewing day!