The first day out of school

As they say, this is the day the rubber hits the road. Sydney is home alone for the whole day for the first time since she's lived with us. We've left her so we could go shopping or go to dinner, but never for the whole day.

We've been very clear about the rules and she's been left a list of things to do and a Spanish reading to summarize in english. The do's and don'ts couldn't be more clear.

But, I gotta tell you. I'm not sure who's more nervous. Her or me.

This morning, she spent a good bit of time impressing me with her independence. She got up without complaint, cooked breakfast while I showered and then we went through the list of things to do and the rules. No cooking, no visitors, no leaving our yard. She has her video games and her laptop (no internet access). She can watch TV in her room (thank goodness she pulled out a good report card at the last minute). She can read, or sleep or spend as much time as she wants in the back yard. She also has to vacuum and water all the flower pots and keep the kitchen clean.

And, she knows that at any time, Rob or I or the next door neighbors can walk in the house. No knocking. Just put in the key and enter. She even thinks we have spot inspections scheduled (okay, so that was a little white lie, but it can come true if it needs to).

But, she wanted me to know, without question, that she's up to the responsibility. Because what the parents giveth, the parents can certainly taketh away. Attitude and willingness are the bar against which she will be measured for free time.

I really wish I had more to talk about than Sydney. But, unfortnately, I haven't done one thing to start any shirts or shorts for the summer and I haven't made any progress binding my MIL's housewarming quilt. I have started the feathers in the last border of West of Paris, Texas, but not much going on there that you haven't seen before. And, I've started the same sock over for about the 15th time...Grrrrrr! I've never had this kind of trouble with a sock before. I'm ready for this non-creative streak to be over.

Anyway, there's not much to show for all my efforts, so no pics. So, you're stuck hearing about the good child...okay, so we all know that's a temporary state, so I have to brag when I can, right? Cuz it was just last week that she had us both pulling our hair out.

Life as a parent is a roller coaster. Today we're on the up side. But, we all know what gravity will do about that.



Becky said...

As Sydney grows more mature, you will find that the balance of days has shifted and she is good more day than not. I know when you are in the foray it is hard to see....but from where I sit I see encouraging signs, and am sure that Sydney is going to be one special young lady! You and Rob are doing a great job with the hardest job on the planet....raising a child. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I like the Sydney posts.
We all hit creative bumps, but you'll be out of it soon enough.

LynCC said...

Go, Sydney! :D

Vesuviusmama said...

What a big day for all of you! Enjoy the up side of the roller coaster ride as long as you can. And may your creative muses come back to possess you again soon!

Paul said...

Have you ever seen Parenthood? There is a scene in the movie where they compare parenting to a roller coaster. It's much more fun when it's crazy like a coaster, rather than simple and boring like a merry go round...

Of course either can make you toss your cookies!! But I'll take a roller coaster over a merry go round EVERY day of the week!

Take Care,

INKcredible Girl said...

I always enjoy hearing about Sydney never feel because you have no sewing to talk about that you can not share !