For a short week, this has been the longest week!

First a bit of a brag. The girl did fine yesterday. She did not burn the house down. She did everything on her list, except vacuum and that's because I left the machine locked in the media closet. Not her fault. She reminded me to pull it out and I forgot. There was a small hiccup when she started dinner. I thought we'd pulled out ground beef and she was going to make spaghetti last night, but she dropped it in the pan and it turned out to be tenderized round steak. They called me while I was driving home, so I had them salt and pepper it and brown it on both sides and when I got home it was cooking well, so I made a batch of good, rich brown gravy and we ended up with smothered steak and a big pan of rice to go with the salad Sydney had started. It was yummy.

We did rock/paper/scissors for the dishes and she lost...again! So, I just sat on my bum and and watched TV. I think I'll like having her home for the summer. It's like room service.

I whined yesterday about my lack of creativity, but that's really just because I'm bored. I have truly made enough feathers on West of Paris, Texas that I'm worried I'll take flight at any moment. Feathers and feathers and feathers. I'm going to have to buy a new spool of thread. I've gone through 2250 yards of golden/tan thread on this. Granted, some of it has ended up pulled out, but not that much. That's a lot of thread. That's a lot of feathers.

Here's my secret. I'm afraid to stop. I've learned that if I set a quilting project aside, my skill level changes and then when I pick it up again, my work looks different and it stands out. I'm trying to persevere, at least through all the feathers so that doesn't happen. The other stuff I'm going to add can wait a while, but the feathers must go on.

And, this stupid sock. It's a new yarn that I bought hand dyed off ebay a couple of years ago. I have tried everything I know to do, including three different styles of ribbing and a garter stitch around the top and it has rolled at the top every time. Even now, there's a small roll, but before, it was rolling all the way down to the ankle. The more I knitted, the more it rolled up. It was sooooo frustrating. More so because a few days ago, I was all the way down the leg, around the heel and half done with the gusset and because I got the bright idea that I could do better and get rid of that rolling, I took it all out and started over. Seventeen times I started over...twice just yesterday.

I am not starting over again. This is how it's going to be. I've got most of the roll out of it and that's going to have to be good enough. So, look for a really cool pair of green socks on my horizon...or a big ball of green yarn in the trash. One or the other.

If you hear of a man flying over a town near you, it's just me, taking flight, because I have lots of feathers yet to go before that quilt is finished.

This weekend's projects include finishing the kitchen painting that I started in April (yes, I know, but there were many complications). And cut out three shirts and one pair of shorts. I can do it, I can do it, if I put my mind to it.



lw said...

The feathers are really beautiful with this quilt. And I'm glad to hear Sydney did so well!

Cynthia L. said...

It is so wonderful when children get old enough to do things for you. I have started having The Baby run errands for me. I find it so helpful! She is a pretty good cook also! Glad you have Sydney to help out, I am sure you will have a wonderful summer with her and Rob.

Sock knitting - bah humbug. I always get them started and when I get close to the heel, I find something else to do! Good luck!

Becky said...

I'll be looking towards the sky! Dip your wing if you end up over W. Va.! The quilting is beautiful.

I love that Sydney did well....even with a couple of glitches. I'm sure you're proud of her!

Have a great, creative weekend!!

Coloradolady said...

Oh yes...I miss my "little helpers" around here very much!!!

Have a great weekend!! Sounds like it will be a great one!! Your quilt is coming along nicely, I love your quilting.

sewmeow said...

Love those feathers......and yes, that's a lot of them, but you're doing great! Sounds like your daughter is developing into one terrific cook.

Pauline said...

Lane, I don't see your top too well, but it looks like straight knitting? Knit 1, pearl 1 and the top won't roll.
Love the feathers, you're doing beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Have started reading your blog,love the feather quilting. I can piece and quilt but never have done feather shapes. How do you mark yours on the quilt? It is nice that all is well with Sydney home for the summer so far. mssewcrazy