Call RuPaul

Sydney has been working on the school play.  We really didn’t know how much.  She’s so vague about what happens at school and we would have expected a school play to have after school rehearsals and she was never at those.  We just didn’t expect much.

The play was The Mild, Mild West.  Silly story about indians and white people, forced to exchange living arrangements by the federal government.  The indians occupying the town, except the Teacup Saloon, where the dancing girls serve Earl Grey and chamomile. 

Anyway, Sydney was the assistant director.  In the last two days, she’d done more talking about the play than she had in the preceeding month.  She was faced with all the difficulties that any assistant director, faced with too many responsibilities and a shortage of underlings would face. 

We went to the play, but not with too many expectations. 

Imagine our surprise when the first character on the stage was our little Sydney. 

Dressed as the town sheriff.  Carrying a clipboard with all her lines on it because she didn’t expect to be in the play.

With a goatee and side burns. 


And, maybe enjoying it, just a little bit too much.

The play was cute, made cuter by the fact that our little girl was on stage.  But, we still jokingly asked one another to please, just shoot me…because after all, it was a middle school production.

Some of the more outgoing actors, like Sydney, did great.  The bad guys were really funny…Rusty, Dusty, and Cedric Bucket.  And, the indians were hilarious and the townsfolk more reserved.  The saloon girls were too modest and quiet. 

But, we laughed and we did not go to sleep, so the whole thing was a success for all.

I asked her this morning if she realized that dressing as a man was drag.  She did.  And, she was proud of it.

Our multi-cultural girl.



Bratling said...

LOL! My sister did that for a HS production of Fiddler on the Roof--because she was the only one in the whole school who could play the violin! (They had band, but no orchestra)

John Gray said...

drama queen more like!
tell her (belatedly) to break a leg x

Vesuviusmama said...

I love it! Yay for her, getting out there on the stage in drag! And stepping in when the situation called for it. What fun!

Seraphinalina said...

I participated in the school play in grade 8, I was the orphan Tessie in Annie. It was the best thing for my self confidence. I'm glad to hear she rose to the challenge and enjoyed her time on stage.

Coloradolady said...

My daughter was in the plays in High School and they were always so much fun!! Lots of good positive memories from those experiences. Sydney is so cute...no matter how she is dressed!!! I am sure this was a lot of fun for you all!!

Impera_Magna said...

How wonderful for you...and for Sydney! School plays are great fun and I'm glad Sydney was able to rise to the challenge of having a last minute role and doing so well!


Tammy said...

Now that is a family photo worthy of the Christmas card! Bravo.. well done Sydney.

Laura said...

My son has been doing middle school plays since 6th grade. By eight grade, he was in charge of special effects (think dry ice and puppets). He had so much fun, he has been helping the drama teacher ever since. He is 22 now, so, I've been to ten middle school plays,and my son was only on stage in 3 of them.

I agree that your picture has Chrismas card potential.

qltmom9 said...

Bwaahahaha!!!! ~LOVE~ that photo of the three "guys"! She is SO cool! Now, THAT is entertainment! BRAVO!


Richard said...

This is awesome...go her!

Elizabeth said...

Awww . . . Syd is . . . I was going to say adorable, but that mustache is not so adorable.

I think that is wonderful that she is finding her place in the world and isn't too shy about performing a part she hasn't rehearsed for, and moreso, that she is willing to step in and fill a need. You've got a really great girl, there. You are just what she needs.

xo -E