Like everyone, I have my projects that need to be finished.  And, I plod along, working on them enough that I don’t have to feel guilty and letting them sit enough that I have time to start new things. 

Since I’ve been cleaning, I’ve been finishing things.  One day last week, I painted the lawn furniture.  And, cleaned the cabinets.  And, cleaned closets.  And, on Saturday, we had a pickup bed full of Goodwill donations. 

Of course, while we were there, we went in and brought a few things home with us, but we brought home much less than we dropped off. 

Between all that, I quilted as much as I possibly could.  I got this quilt top finished.  Now, it’s hanging in the closet, one of 7 tops that needs to be finished off. 


At some point, I stopped being in love with this top.  It’s nice and I like it and look forward to having it finished.  But, I don’t love it.  I can remember the excitement I felt when I started it.  And, I didn’t finish it with that same excitement. 

Rob loves to see the quilts backlit, with the seam allowances looking like stained glass.  One day, I might have to make him a stained glass quilt.


When I pulled it back out on Saturday and started planning things, I realized I had to take the first two borders off and re-cut them and change them from straight line to mitered corners because the third border is a stripe. 

I sewed the borders on and then mitered all three at the same time.  That made it much easier and so I did the same thing when I put on the last three borders.  Mitering one border that has three seam allowances is much easier than mitering three borders and getting them all to match just exactly. 


In Saturday’s mail, I got a squishy from my friend Tammy.  Look at all the goodies!

A shopping bag with my name and a knitted dish cloth and a pair of thread snips and an extra name label.  Whoohoo!  Thanks, Tammy!


Our weekend was very quiet, except for some serious thunderstorms on Saturday night.  Again, we were huddled in our beds, covers to our noses, waiting for the roof to come crashing down from all the thunder and lightening.  Not fair.  That was not in the forecast and I wasn’t ready.  I lost a few blooms, but there’s nothing to be done about it. 

Everyone have a great Monday!  Lane


Tammy said...

Hi Lane, That green quilt is gorgeous. I love it. I'm so delighted you finally got your package from me. It was mailed on April 22..it took forever to get from Brandon Manitoba Canada to you in Texas. I use those thread snips for knitting as well as all my sewing and quilting, they are just so handy. Now I can blog about your bag.

Elizabeth said...

I love to see a quilt back-lit, too.

Your mitered corners are beautiful. I've never done quilts with multiple mitered-corner borders, but have a few coming up, and have wondered if it was easier to do them all at once or one at a time. Now I know the answer ;) and I didn't even have to do it the hard way first. Thanks.

Your feathered star is a beautiful quilt. Sorry you lost your mojo on it. Hopefully you'll get it back when it comes time to quilt.

And lastly, I'm glad I'm not the only one who bounces from project to project. It's about time for me to get a few finishes in. If only I could find the time.

xo -E