On a lighter note

My previous post today about Mable's great escape was, of course, not what I had planned to blog about today.  Today's post was supposed to be funny and upbeat and light.  So, let's have a second post that is all of those things, eh? 

Rob came through the house the other day with a package the earned me the name of Imelda W. because it was the second pair of shoes in as many days.  And, in addition to the pair of the previous weekend.  Oh, well.  I've run out of space for fabric, so I guess I'll start hoarding really great shoes.  And, all I have to do to make space for them is get rid of a few really horrid sale shoe mistakes from the past.  You'll have to take my word that I'm buying great shoes because I don't have pictures.  Because I was weeping over the return of the prodigal dog this morning.

I have several table runners in the planning stage right now.  I'm working on one now that is a belated gift for a friend.  It's really great and I'd love to show you pics of it, but it's going to be a while because I'm ripping all the quilting out of it and she reads my blog, so you can't see it until she does.  No point in ruining a really cute table runner with a bunch of really awful quilting.  I am proud of my skills, but I don't know what got into me when I started quilting this runner.  I kept thinking that if I just did more quilting, you wouldn't see how bad it was.  But, that just meant there was more bad quilting.  So, I started quilting a different area, with a different motif, and it looks terrific!  So, the first mess has to come out.  It will take forever and my friend is worth it.  The other runners I have planned are going to be simpler.  I found a half dozen leftover block kits from last year's monthly quilt at the LQS.  And, they still had the background fabric in stock.  So, I bought the block kits and a small amount of a couple of the backgrounds and as soon as I get done ripping out quilting, I'm going to make them up for our dining table. 

While cleaning around the sofa the other day, I found 4 seam rippers between the cushions.  Now, I didn't even know I owned 4 seam rippers, in addition to the 2 that are at my sewing machines and the one that I cut myself with and don't use anymore (beautiful and expensive, so I can't throw it out...why didn't it get lost in the cushions?)  But, there they were, each without a cap, and not a tear in the sofa fabric.  What luck!

We spent a lot of Saturday working in the yard.  Two weekends ago, Rob agreed that we could clean up the front flower bed.  When the two weeks had passed, he was less excited about working in the front flower bed.  But, he did it.  Mind you, without his characteristic smile, but he did it anyway. 

During a separate but related conversation, it was mentioned that my cooking seems to have gone from executing great meals to throwing together whatever I can in a short amount of time.  I took that feedback in.  It is true.  My family gets about one really good meal a week and the rest of the time, it's about quick and easy food that doesn't use a lot of pots and pans.  Little did he know that this feedback would result in a very long trip to the grocers to restock on all those things I don't have anymore...with him in tow.  And, it resulted in Fried Chicken and Jalapeno Scalloped potatoes and sauteed cabbage with bacon and onions.  And, a loaf of bread, seasoned with parmesan and oregano.  Then, I did dishes for an hour and a half and decided I wasn't as much interested in the opinions of others about my cooking anymore.  While I will wash, I have a 14 year old put-away-er that went in after me and put everything back where it belonged and swept and mopped the kitchen floor.  I really enjoy my little skilled laborer.  If I can get her to wash, I might think more favorably about cooking more great meals.

After that, it was time to get clothes ready for this week's trip.  I have a new bag...uh-oh, what famous person collected luggage that I can say I'm imitating...that will hold more than my old bag, but not as much as an official suitcase.  The guys around here and I have a challenge to see who can take the smallest luggage on business trips.  My old bag usually wins.  But, this time, I'm traveling with the ladies and even my newer, bigger bag will disappear in their oversized rolling bags.  And, again, I will win.

Not that there's a prize.  But, to a man, a win is a win.

So, Mable was picked up last night by a lady that works in a veterinarian's office.  She took her into the office this morning and they checked her micro chip and called Rob.  I was so hoping it was my fabulous signs that had saved the day, but alas...whatever it takes.  I had just left home and was perfectly willing to turn around and wait for them because they wanted to deliver her right away.  I hugged the lady and told her she had no idea how much this meant to us.  She seemed a bit uncomfortable, tho I don't know why she would be.  Maybe she wasn't much on being thought of as superman.  After we got inside the house and my sobbing had abated, I found Mable, sitting on the sofa, with a very guilty look as though she were asking how much trouble she would be in after I got done crying.  Rob will be so excited to see her.  I wish I was going to be there to hear their greeting.  Mable bays and dances like a mad dog when Rob comes home and after a night apart, I expect the fun to be rollicking as they play and talk to one another.

Everybody have a great Monday!  And, thanks for your well wishes!  Lane


One Minnesota Quilter said...

Awwhh, I can imagine how you and Rob felt. I know I would have been sobbing too. I bet Mable gives Rob lots of sloppy Beagle kisses. So cute. :)


Kath said...

Yes it is like baying. My friends beagle "yodells". It is quite impossible to describe, but maybe you know exactly what it sounds like!

qltmom9 said...

That must be where my seam rippers end up as I CONSTANTLY lose them!!!


Vesuviusmama said...

Oh, Imelda, I am so glad that Mable is found! And me calling you Imelda is certainly a case of the pot and the kettle. Last summer, I got rid of 8 pairs of shoes, and I still have over 10. My kids wanted to know why they only have two pairs - sneakers and dress shoes. Well, the answer to that is obvious to me, but not to them.

qltmom9 said...

Can't stop wondering about that sauted cabbage with bacon and onion...came back to see if you'd share your recipe? I have the cabbage (was going to go in vegetable soup), and always have the onions, so I'll get bacon at the grocery today.