Today’s color is…yellow

And, some not yellow, because I’m that kind of guy. 

Yellow daylilies:

100_3631 100_3632

The yellow and orange bloom season is passing and the more varied color daylilies and sending up scapes and blooms.  Even within the yellows and oranges, there are slightly different kinds.  These are different, one with the ruffly leaves and one without, but both probably sharing a yellow gene that came from one of our other daylilies.  There’s a third one that descended from a spider daylily and it is the exact same shade of yellow, but with a third variation in petal shape. 

And, the same exists in the oranges.  Same shade, but at least two different varieties within that. 

So, with yellow on the brain, here are the 16 Dresden Plate blocks that I’ve been remaking. 


I received these as a christmas gift that I picked for myself, not realizing what bad shape they were in.  I talked about it here and here and here.

Now, these 16 are back together, not looking a whole lot different than before in pictures, but looking a whole lot different in real life.  They’re mounted to their yellow print backgrounds with a yellow solid center.  I’m going to finishe piecing the quilt by hand, with sashing strips and cornerstones.  The borders will be long strips of the background fabric and in the center of each strip, a half plate made from leftover wedges; and in the corners, squares, each with a quarter plate.  I have plenty of leftover wedges.  I started with 20 plates.  But, in the others, there aren’t enough like prints for a whole plate. 

After taking this photo, I will not be using this fabric as the cornerstones. 


Talk about looking better in my head.

Anyway, now things that aren’t yellow.

I hope my Mom is reading and can tell me what this daylily is. 


My grandmother grew Dahlias.  I have tried and tried and tried and never gotten more than the most sickly single bloom.  But, not this year.  I finally found the right spot!


And, with that much color, you need a neutral, so how about a white flower.  This was my Man-mom’s day gift from Sydney.


She does know what I like. 

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  Lane


Coloradolady said...

Oh, your dahlia is gorgeous. I can not seem to grow them here at all. I have seen so many pretty ones, but none around here, may be too hot or I just don't have the right place for them.

Your quilt will be stunning. You really have done a great job...lots of work.

Love the white flowers too. Very pretty with the bright dahlia. Have a great day!!

lindaroo said...

I think your dresdens look so different from their original state! They look calmed down, composed, and balanced now, and still lively and colorful. I love the medium yellow centers and light yellow background. What a transformation!

mary said...

I enjoyed the walk through you garden and not at all filled with envy of the blossoms you have already out. Maybe I should go out an smell the lilac bush to remind myself that things are coming along here in the great white north.

Anonymous said...

I think the dresden plates have a more modern look to them now! And lovely. I am not a quilter (too much work for me) but enjoy watching yours come along.

Elizabeth said...

Lane, those dresdens are amazing! The yellow totally works and pulls it all together. I love your plans for the borders. Love it!

Your flowers are gorgeous! Those white ones Sydney picked are beautiful and I love your day lilies.

xo -E

regan said...

Those dresden plates are looking really good, Lane! Nice work! And all those blooms are gorgeous! Thanks!

FYI....I just found a blog from a couple of guys who have an antiques shop (I know you like them!) in Seguin, TX....just down the road from you, right? Their blog is http://curious-boys.blogspot.com/ and their stuff looks really cool! Have you been there?

Auntie Em said...

Wonderful job on breathing new life into those dresden plates.

Vesuviusmama said...

What lovely flowers from Sydney! You know, I asked for advice last year about moving my day lilies since they were getting to be such a thick bunch, and it worked wonderfully. Now I have a whole bank of bunches of daylilies from what was only a couple flowers to begin with. Do they just keep multiplying?