Update, Mable is found.  But, if you want to know how silly Rob and I are, you only need to know that he cried when the lady called and said they had found her, so much that when the lady dropped her off, she said she could tell Mable had been missed.

I got in the door and fell all to pieces.

This is an advertisement for micro-chipping.  That’s how they got her back to us, so fast.



I did not know what that word meant, really, until now.  I’m sure that I’ve been distraught, but it’s hard to see in oneself.  I’m sure that I’ve seen Rob distraught, but only when I was, too, so didn’t recognize it.  We’ve been distraught when we’ve had to put animals down. 

But, this is a new thing for us both. 

Rob’s Beagle, Mable got out yesterday afternoon.  No one is really sure how, but the gates in the back yard were firmly closed and the only time that the front door got opened was when Sydney took out the garbage. 

Rob is distraught.

Because Sydney thinks she did it, she’s only about two steps from distraught.

I am wringing my hands, furtively looking from one to the other, to see who needs the most encouragement. 

Tomorrow, I leave on a business trip and won’t be here to try to prop them up and keep them hopeful. 

Rob and I walked and drove the neighborhood yesterday evening, in opposite directions, until dark.  I walked on streets that I didn’t even know were in my neighborhood.

This morning, he walked for three quarters of an hour and I made signs and hung them on signposts.  I’ve found the dog pound and it’s near where I work, so I’ll be going there at lunch today. 

Unfortunately, that is all I can do.

It’s hard when a member of the family is missing and you don’t know where they have gone or whether they are okay. 

Okay, maybe I’m a little more distraught than I thought.

Take care.  Send your kind and strong thoughts this way, please. 



Becky said...

OOHHHHHH!!! I so know what you are feeling....we had a puppy one time that broke his chain (he had a run line)and we never did find him. I'll be praying that precious Mable finds her way home.

Kath said...

sending love, warm wishes and virtual hugs to everyone. I can only begin to imagine how I would be feeling.
I am praying your girl gets home OK.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Oh, Lane, I have been there several times with a little Yorkie we had that would shoot out the door every chance she got. Each time we were fortunate that someone either took her to the police or she wandered home.

Hope the same thing happens with Mable.


Andi's English Attic said...

Hope some kind person has taken her in and will contact you very soon. ((hugs))

John Gray said...

best name for a dog that!

Pauline said...

So glad Mable is home. I knew someone in the past who had a beagle who was able to climb a board fence! You might check that out. Dogs are smart critters.

Auntie Em said...

I am so glad I hadn't read this until the update was included. Must have been awful while she was missing. Hooray for happy endings!

Sharon said...

So Glad Mable is home safe from her adventure.. She won't tell.. Beagles are such escape artists. She might have slithered under your fence.. My little Pomeranian made herself flat as a pancake to get under our fence.. One little scent and Mable most likely was so determined to follow it that off she went.. Yes, hurray for microchips.. Have a good week..

Kath said...

marvellous news! PHEW! My friend Ann has beagles and she said they are the most independent and adventurous dogs she has ever owned.

yes our 2 are chipped :-D

vivian said...

Lane-I was distraught for you! I have been there and done that and it's no fun. SO so HAPPY Mable is home! You need to watch her though-once they discover they can roam they want to do it again!

Becky said...

Yay!! Mable is home!! Glad to hear!

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Yeah!! Good news! I'm am happy to hear that you had her micro-chipped. I believe in it too. After our experience with our Yorkie - that's the best way to go.


Laura said...

Glad you got your puppy back!!! Mine have both been microchipped, but I'd be distraught too if they went missing.

Shevvy said...

So glad you got her back before her trip. She obviously just wanted a bit of an adventure!

Pati said...

I'm so glad that she was found safe and sound! I have a Beagle and one day several years ago, her and her brother (who is now waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge), escaped and were gone for 2 days! I littered the neighborhood with flyers, drove around the neighborhood, walked several miles through the neighborhood trying to find those two. Two nights later, my son comes running into my room and tells me that they are back. They crawled back through the hole where they dug out.

Big hugs,