I cannot decide

My Mom taught me that when I can’t decide what to do, I should wait and the answer will find me.  My dad told me that when my Grandmother was having trouble with a decision, she’d get up and scrub the kitchen floor. 

It hasn’t come to that quite yet.

But, I do have to pick something to finish the red silk quilt with. 
I’ve been practicing and testing things for the final border, this greek key, which needs a background filler in half of it..  There are about 6 different background filler patterns in this little sample.  And, I still haven’t decided.  Right now, I am leaning toward the upper right (it should expand if you click the picture) because it’s fast and won’t use up a ton of expensive silk thread.  I have one more piece of that wine colored cotton fabric.  I’m going to draw out the border again and make the practice sandwich and stitch it out and then I’m going to have to decide.  Once and for all.  No more dilly-dallying about it.  I'm ready to get that quilt finished.

Wanted to show this picture of the first daylily in the yard that is not common yellow or orange.  What a beauty.  The garden is full and blooming with hot colors right now.  Soon, as the weather gets warmer, the colors will get cooler…or at least that’s how it was planned.

The biggest lemon on the tree.

This weekend, I want to work on my feathered star quilt (still can't get that link thing down).  Anyway, that and I need to do some weeding and some sorting and I'm hoping for a huge goodwill run with all the stuff I've been piling in the garage to get rid of...need to get it gone before I start bringing it back in.  And, I found some boxes in the garage while looking for something else that I think should have  gone to goodwill a long time ago...oops!  I need to go through that again and sort it out.  Quilting, sorting, donating, oh, and I need to go to the quilt store and pick up my check for the class.  What's up with me not being able to go get money??? 

And, I finally turned in my answers to the editor of the magazine that is doing the story on men who quilt.  I needed a good picture of me, which meant being in the right frame of mind for some reason.  Anyway, done is done and I'm looking forward to seeing my name in print.

Everybody have a great Friday!  Lane


Cathi said...

Sometimes I'm very wishy washy when it comes to decisions, but usually it will come. What are you going to do with the magnificent silk quilt?

I'm very envious of your lemon tree! I use lemons every day in my ice water & would love a tree.

Kath said...

OOh look at your baby lemon, how lovely!

Elizabeth said...

When I don't know what to do, I ask for opinions. It helps a ton, even if the person I'm asking doesn't know much about what I'm asking, because it helps me to figure out what I really want.

So, I was planning on doing the Greek Key in the border of one of my upcoming quilts (credits to include "inspired by Lane"), but I had something A LOT simpler pictured in my head, but now that I've seen it done the awesome way, I'm probably going to have to do it like you did. You don't mind if I copy, do you? I'd love to get a better look at your different fillers. Your picture is quite dark. If you have a chance, would you mind taking a picture in better light?

While I'm copying, I want to do pumpkin seeds in my sashing. The trouble is, that the outer corners will not come out the same way because that's how the math works out. One set of outer corners with have a pumpkin seed crossing them diagonally and the other set will have a pumpkin seed sticking out from the corner. I'm probably going to put it up for a popular vote, but I wanted your educated opinion on it first, because if you think it will look off, I'll probably just have to do something else in the sashing, although I don't know what. I can send you a scan of my doodle, if that will help you picture it.

My, I'm long winded, but I value your opinion, and love that you're always willing to give it ;).

Happy Friday!

xo -E

Piece by Piece said...

After looking at all of the options, I try to visualize all of them. I tend to do a lot of thinking and planning just prior to going to sleep. Concentrating on each pattern or design in my mind. Usually, ending up with a design that looks great in the morning.
Any you do, will look great as it always does.

Susan Entwistle said...

I've got a daylily bloom just like that. It's the only one the deer haven't eaten, and it's waaayy to early for daylilies to be blooming where I am. Weird weather this year. Looking forward to seeing your feathered star finished (and reading the article). Enjoy your weekend!