Did you hear about the woman that died from eating cauliflower?

“Yes, but she was highly allergic and didn’t know it.  You’re not allergic.”

What about her husband.  He wasn’t allergic.

“No, he wasn’t allergic.  He drove his wife to the hospital and after he dropped her off and parked the car, he stepped in front of a bus”

What about their daughter?

“Fell in the pool and drowned.”

And, her mother in law?  She ate the cauliflower.

“Heart attack when she heard about the accident.”

And, her three brothers?  They all died after the cauliflower.

“Unfortunate fire at the funeral home.  Now eat your cauliflower”

Okay, seriously, this conversation did happen at my dinner table last night.  I love my kid’s sense of humor.  I’m still laughing at that.  She just came in and read the title of this post over my shoulder and said “you know that isn’t true, right?”

Unfortunately, just as we were going to bed last night, Rob asked me for a different set of vege than I’ve been feeding lately…and it didn’t include either cauliflower, broccoli, or brussels sprouts.

As it is spoken, so it is done.

Who else got up this morning and made a few of Bonnie’s Clue three before work?


I knew I was in trouble when I saw the clue this morning.

Okay, so Rob got up to fix the coffee, I rolled over in bed and fired up the iphone and read the clue before I ever got up. 

Does that sound anxious?

All my turquoise is cut in two inch strips.  Most of it anyway.

I did manage to find a few bits and pieces and a little yardage, so I’m going to be fine, but I’m leaning a fraction more blue than green in the turquoise.


My other option was to pick one of the pieces of yardage and use it throughout, but I don’t think I want to do that.  I think I’d rather use up all these scraps and put the yardage in something else.

Now, what I can’t figure is why I’m still having to sliver trim.  I’ve checked my seam allowance twice and checked my cutting twice and I’ve made sure I’m using my easy angle ruler right, but everything is just a hair bigger than it needs to be. 

I spent all of family time last night with a cutting board and a rotary cutter on my lap, while I sat on the sofa and watched TV and made sure no dogs came and sniffed anywhere near that rotating razor blade.


But, that finished up clue 2, so I was completely ready this morning. 

Be well, have a great Friday.  What do you plan on working on this weekend?  I need to finish the borders on that baby quilt and if I’m going to do ANY christmas sewing, I have to do it NOW. 

I’m paying Sydney to rake the leaves in the back yard and put them in my flower beds.  Child labor laws be damned!



Elizabeth said...

I love those colors! Love them! One of these days, I might do a Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt.

Also, too big is better than too small, but the trimming is a hassle.

Loved your funny cauliflower conversation.

We have a funny conversation over homework last night. LadyBug was kind of at the end of her rope dividing decimals by decimals. She had 12 problems, and we'd already finished eight. I said to her, "c'mon. You can do this. We're already 2/3 of the way finished." She said, in all seriousness, "We haven't studied fractions yet, mom. I have no idea what you're talking about." We laughed. A lot.

xo -E

Linda said...

I had the opposite problem and then discovered that it was because I'm short which meant that I was cutting from a lower position than I should have been. The angle I saw made the ruler appear to be on the edge of the fabric when in reality, it was just over the edge. Does that make sense? Are you tall? Could that be the problem?
I also found that pressing first and using a lot of spray starch keeps my fabric from creeping a little when I cut.
Regardless, I'd rather have to trim off a little too much than have to cut all over again!

Marei said...

Loved the cauliflower story and I know it's a totally true story...why would someone lie about cauliflower, eh? So, I'm in trouble with the mystery. I'm almost out of BW fabrics and don't want to get more. And my "turquoise" is going to be pretty blue. OH, and I don't have much in the way of purple. Dios Mio! I'll just have to soldier on. Happy weekend to you.

Kath said...

This weekend I shall be making Christmas cards for the members of my craft bee. I shall make a piece of crazy quilting with red, green and gold silk and velvet fabrics. I shall embellish with sparkly embroidery and some beads, then cut it up for window cards.