Running from the news

I have spent the last three days running from the sad news from Connecticut.  More sad news, stacked on more sad news, killing after killing, guns, guns, guns.

It only took being witness to one murder suicide to remove any thought of guns in our home.  And, now, I can hardly stand the news that I’m hearing about how out of control people with guns have suddenly become.

Before you can say it, no, not all people with guns.  But every gun provides an opportunity, should a person suddenly snap.

So, this morning, I’ve let the news in and I have cried for the people who are so affected. 

Friday, I had the day off.  I took the day to make something for Rob, while he wasn’t at home and it is wonderful, but he reads my blog, so you can’t see it until next week.  Before I started that, I finished my neighbor’s apron.


It’s cute, but incredibly not my style, so I’m having trouble actually loving it, but I know my neighbor will love it. 

I cut all of Bonnie’s clue, but I didn’t sew any of it together, until just before bedtime, and I made two of the new geese. 

Saturday, I got up, with just a bit of sewing for Sydney on my mind.  I’ve wanted to make her a skirt.  Don’t know why.  I went back and forth.  I made her some shirts a couple of years ago, and she never wore them.  So, why would I want to make her any other garments.  But, I did.  I went back and forth and changed my mind and changed it again, and pieced a few of the geese.  I finally pulled out the pattern that she had picked out and I traced it so that I could get her size without cutting the original…in case I need a bigger size later…and then I made a muslin out of white sheet.  She liked it.  I know that’s no guarantee that she’ll wear anything made from that muslin, but it’s worth a try.  Anyway, they went out shopping and I sewed and then they picked me up and we went out for lunch and a few last minute gifts and we came back home and I went to JoAnn’s by myself. 

I was really glad I was alone.  It was coupon commotion and everything in the store that wasn’t on sale, was 40% off.  If it was on sale for less than 40%, then they applied a 40% at the register.  It was a packed madhouse and I waited in line to check out for 35 minutes.  Needless to say, it was my last trip to that store.  They have ceased restocking because they are moving.  But, they aren’t moving for more than a month, so I’m not sure why we need to do without until then, but the powers that be have decided, and so I am left to live off my stash, with no replinishing, until February 4.  Yeah, I make it sound worse than it really is because there’s a quilt shop, right around the corner from the house.

Anyway, I picked up fabric for two skirts and brought it home and during the course of the afternoon, I cut the skirt out and yesterday morning, I put it together.  Now, all I need to do is work on the zipper a bit more (it’s already my second time to put that zipper in…in my own defense, it’s only my second zipper ever and the first one I’ve ever put into a skirt) and then I need to hem it. 


This is not the real color.  It’s a linen, that is the color of new bluejeans, so much more navy than royal.

And, I finished the clue four geese,


including sewing them to the previously made geese.  All that’s left of clue 4 is cutting the green squares.


This morning, it was all about taking care of some business that needs to be taken care of and finding a letter that had been lost in the shuffle of holiday stuff from one place to another, so no sewing today.

We went to our friend LD’s yesterday to do our christmas and take her to lunch.  We also took her the sewing chest I’d been working on.  I’ll give a full rundown of that tomorrow, but today, I need to get up off of it and get moving.  Syd has just left for school and I need to brush my teeth and get moving as well.

Take care and have a great Monday.  It’s exactly one week until Christmas eve.  Happy yet?



Kath said...

Lane, everyone I speak to in here in England is in shock about the deaths in Connecticut. These tragedies rock the whole world, don't they?
Today my friend and I went to see a display of trees in our church. The school children had written their simple prayers on their decorations. As you can imagine it wasn't long before we were in tears.

Impera_Magna said...

There have been quite a few tears here... and I am limiting the amount of news I watch/listen to... I hugged my granddaughters extra close this weekend... they are in elementary school. *sigh*

Kate said...

Hey sweetie, your geese are lovely.... And the apron will be loved, I am sure.

Elizabeth said...

I don't watch the news much. I prefer to be blissfully ignorant. It is too overwhelming to me to see all the sad and horrible things that go on in this world.

LOVE step 4 of the mystery quilt.

And that apron came out really great. I'm sure your neighbor will love it.

xo -E