On the sixth day of Christmas

Rob celebrated the twelfth day of christmas.

It was the classic story of boy wants b-b-gun, retold about a television.  Every store we went into that sold televisions, Rob would wander over and look and drool and read and study and learn about TV’s.  All year long.  And, it came up in conversation over and over and over again…just like the boy in The Christmas Story

Except it won’t put your eye out.

Fifty inch plasma, this year’s model


Two inches thick


Yes, Mr Obama’s economy has been good to us this year.  And, based on the spending reports for holiday dollars, we’re not the only ones.

He woke at 4am, thinking about it.  It’s so big that it takes adjustments to our TV cabinet to hold it, and he didn’t do that yesterday because the TV needs to be broken in before we use it regularly.  So, for the next few days, it’s sitting in the entry, on my treadle sewing machine, flashing from green screen to blue to red to white.  We’ll be leaving it on all day because it needs to do that for like, a hundred hours.  On Saturday, we’ll start the TV shuffle because a new TV in the family room means the old TV goes to the sewing room and the sewing room TV goes to the bedroom and the bedroom TV, that takes a while to warm up, will go to the garage and replace the small TV that’s out there.  Everybody gets an upgrade.

On a more personal note, it was so much fun to watch Rob in the days since we decided that this was to be his gift this year.  He shopped and he ordered and he scheduled the delivery and the time off work to receive it and he’s playing with it already.  He has been like a big kid and I love, love, love it when I can be part of something like that for him. 

Unfortunately, that means he won’t have so many things to unwrap on Christmas day.  So, instead of a cycle of Sydney unwraps 1, Lane unwraps 1, Rob unwraps 1, we’ll likely cycle Sydney unwraps 1, Lane unwraps 1, and we watch TV for two minutes.

We don’t exchange gifts this big and expensive.  We live very frugal lives.  So, it is nice that we can splurge this year and get Rob exactly what he wanted for the holiday, without worrying about whether we could afford it.


At this time of year, remember that friendship and family are about accepting others for who they are and finding common ground between you.  It is not a time for pontificating or fear mongering as the news would have us believe.  It’s like clapping to bring Tinkerbell back to life; if you just believe in peace and joy, then the Christmas spirit can find its way inside your heart.  It’s not about who can give the best gift.  It’s about what we each can give of ourselves.  If you’re having a hard time with that, believe harder.  Believing harder is called faith.  Faith in our fellow man.  Faith in a peace filled future. Faith that things will get better.  Faith isn’t just something for the church house.  Faith is for every day, every step, every thought.  See the holiday you want to have and make it happen.  See the life you want to have and make it happen.  Don’t base it on things.  Base it on what you can contribute to the common good.  Let go of fear.


Be well and have a great Wednesday.  Two days until Easy Street clue 5.   Waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.



Mary said...

Wonderful words to ponder. Faith in one's fellow man has taken a big hit since last Friday. I will try harder

Elizabeth said...

After two very lean Christmases, we're splurging a little this year too. We are frugal as well. I feel guilty over every, nickle, dime and quarter we spend. But our financial situation has improved lately and it is NICE to have a little breathing room.

I'm glad you enjoyed getting Rob such a nice gift. I truly is better to give than receive. I stress myself out trying to find a thoughtful, meaningful (and within the budget) gift for each person on my list. Some years it makes me crazy. Other years, I am a little more creative.

I love your gift rotation plan for this year -- Sydney 1, Lane 1, watch TV -- it made me smile.

And thank you for your words of inspiration. Doing your part, though it may be small, is something everyone can do. All of those small contributions can make a big difference.

xo -E

andsewon said...

Oh what a fun Christmas Day you all will have! Is it not the best when we can make some one's wish come true!!!??!!

Very wise words dear Lane!

qltmom9 said...

Beautiful post about faith & finding common ground. This is why we love you.
Obama's economics are killing us this year. Small businesses going under. Dh is looking for a job in what Money Mag. says is the BEST city in the USA to find one and it isn't going well. He is talented, educated and experienced. We know SO many in our shoes. I am glad you are doing well.~


Andra Gayle said...

I love what you said about faith and a peaceful holiday! Hope you have a lovely week! I am waiting a little less anxiously for clue number 5 because I don't like the squares I cut with the other pieces and i am going to have to rethink it!

Cynthia Landrie said...

I would love to see the look on Rob's face when he is playing with his new toy! What a wonderful family you are!

Vesuviusmama said...

Great message to share, Lane. Thanks! And I agree that it is so fun to be part of someone else's Christmas "magic". I've very excited that Santa will be bringing my kids each something that I have been telling them in no uncertain terms that they weren't getting. They've been very good and I need to stop being a scrooge. But those gifts will get special Santa paper and not appear under the tree until Christmas morning. I'm not going to let them know I relented. They are at that stage when many of their friends have stopped believing in Santa, and I want them to keep wondering, keep the possibility alive for a bit longer. After all, I still maintain that I saw the Easter Bunny with my own two eyes when I was living on a ranch in Washington State back in 1979.

I also wanted to tell you that I loved your stationery so much that I cut off the top of the card, which you hadn't written on, and used it to write a note to the winner of my last giveaway (whose name starts with L). And today, I'm using the "envelope" - what pretty paper! - to write a note to my mom.

Have a wonderful holiday, Lane. I am woefully behind in reading your blog, but I look forward to catching up over the weekend. Be well!

Carla said...

Nice message Our Christmas. Was awesome only missed one nephew who went to his girlfriends house. Things are changing now that they are getting older