Until my hands hurt

Yesterday, I worked on Easy Street Clue 6 in the morning and when I’d made about 100 squares, I decided I needed a stretch.  So, I went outside to pick up the sticks and to my great surprise, it was a beautiful, but very chilly day.  I picked up sticks and cut down things that had frozen back and then I made myself a sandwich and ate on the deck, sitting in the sun and listening to my book.  When I was done in the yard, I sat in the sun room, in the sunshine, and knitted the afternoon away.  Instead of making dinner, I proposed dinner at a fave local cafe as a special friday night treat.  It was a lovely way to spend a Friday.  (new year’s resolution…more days like that.)

When we got home from Dinner, Rob checked the mail and I had a squishy…and a bill, but let’s just focus on the squishy.  Barb had sent me a baggie full of inch and a half squares for nine patch “niblets”.


These little squares are addictive and I just keep piecing them and piecing them.  I don’t have any idea how many there are.  Probably not enough to make a whole quilt, but a lot.  Thanks, Barb!

Here is Easy Street, all in a basket.  I guess it’s a basket full of Easy Street?  Okay, there’s gotta be a pun in there somewhere.  I’ll think of it about 3 this afternoon and get back to you.


Last night, I put the last stitches in the binding of the baby boy quilt. 


I’m loving the cheerful, unplanned feel of this quilt.  I can see making more of these from my strips bins.  And, it only needs simple quilting. 

This morning, I got up and decided to quilt the stability quilting in one block of my Dresden Plate quilt.  No matter how long it took.  Rob kept me entertained with a marathon of the series Parenthood, from the DVR and I quilted.  Until my hands hurt.  But, I got that block done.  It took four and a half hours.


Yardwork, knitting, hand binding, hand quilting…it’s no wonder my poor hands hurt!  I’d love to give them some cuddle time, but I’m about to go start taking Christmas down.  I love the Christmas decorations.  I love putting them up and enjoying them for a month.  But, every year, I really look forward to taking them down and getting back to normal. 

Who’s with me?  Let’s box this stuff up and go sew!  Where’s the tylenol?  Nevermind, I can work through the pain.



regan said...

Great resolution.....a good and happy one to keep! After my son left for VA, I finally caught up on Easy Street.....sounds like we're nearly done! :o)

Cynthia Landrie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Stephanie Brokaw said...

I'm with you on the Christmas decorations. We put ours up right after Thanksgiving and by now I want to get back to normal too. Except for the tree it's all down now.

Freda said...

Lane, I wanted to say what a great idea you came up with to keep from drawing a line on every Easy Street square. I hope I never have to draw another line. Thanks again.

Kath said...

Yes, I'm the same Lane, I like to get the decorations down and get back to what passes as normal here LOL

That's the funniest thing,I found a box of 2" squares yesterday and started hand piecing them whilst watching "The Tudors" on DVD.

So, please show us what you do with the tiny squares, as I don't have any idea where I'm going with mine :-D

Anonymous said...

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