My self imposed sweat shop and one of the best gifts I gave…

I’ve been working my rear end off (if only it were that easy) sewing Easy Street clues together.  Who else is tired of 3 1/2?  I’m banning it from my day.  There will be no 3 1/2 and I’m extending that to 3.5 and 3:30 as well.  Tired of that number.

Anyway, I got all my setting triangles and my corners and my A squares done.


And, I’m this far along in my B blocks.


Did anybody else have pieces left over?  Should I really be helping with Syd’s algebra homework?


I was also short pieces…whatever.

So, Sydney likes some cake bakeoff show and I’m cool with that.  She’s quite the cake decorator and baker, so long as it’s when she wants to and you don’t start to expect it on a regular basis.  She goes on and on about fondant.  I wanna…I wanna…this is…I wanna…one day…  So, I bought her a box of fondant for Christmas, thinking that she would be exasperated and move on.  To go with that, I also got her a pedestal cake plate and a cake knife…and the little sparkly balls.

And, this is what she made.


Not bad for a first timer.  The fondant looked perfect, but it’s tough as shoe leather and none of us can really eat it.  I suggested that maybe a home made one would be better, so we’re going to look into that.  Only bad thing was that I found a cake decorating tip in the garbage disposal the next day, battered and useless.  The cake is called Better than ? Cake.  Really.  The cookbook author used a question mark…


Today, I am headed back to the office.  I’m all ready to leave the house and taking just these few minutes before the dogs have to go out and the monster awakened and given instructions.  Yesterday, I wanted my last holiday day to be special, so after multiple suggestions from her (over and over and over and over as if I didn’t hear her the first time), I decided to take her to lunch and clothes shopping.  What was I thinking???

Anyway, it was pleasant.  She had money from Christmas and she spent it on clothes that were not on the clearance rack.  And, I bought her clothes from the clearance and sale racks.  That girl can work a clearance rack and has learned that if you find the perfect pair of pants, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a top…you can look for that at the next clearance rack.  Yesterday, she paid full price and got to feel the sticker shock and see how little she got for her money.  Oh, well.  It’s a cute outfit.  And, she’ll love it.  So, money well spent. 

Everybody have a great Thursday.  May my workday pass quickly, because baby, it’s cold outside and I’m too old for that.  Today, I’m wearing a shirt I made last year or the year before.  I never get to wear it because it’s such a thick fabric.  Kind of a knitted cotton and lycra that was listed as shirting and I wasn’t smart enough to know better.  But, it’s perfect for today.



ga447 said...

Fondant never tasted good to me. I indulged in a cake for my birthday $85.00 and the fondant ruined it. I finally finished last year mystery quilt and it was well worth it but it was hard work for me. Happy New Year.

regan said...

Somehow (?)....I was short 1 sitting-turkey block and 12 of the 3.5 green blocks (mine are brown)! Sheesh! They're probably in the laundry, having stuck themselves to the back of my shirt or something! lol

The cake looks amazing, and yeah, fondant is not my favorite eating frosting. It's beautiful, and they use it now in ALL the baking shows, but it's not yummy!

I remember the one-and-only 'outfit' I bought NOT on sale, and yeah, I loved it, cuz it was so coordinated, and in my mind it was extra special and made me look amazing. I wore it to death, until my friend said "what the hell?...you wear that all the time!".....she sucked the 'special' right out of it! And I went back to sale racks! And have never paid retail again! Tell Sydney not to wear it too much! :o)

Andra Gayle said...

Looks like you are doing very well on Easy Street!
My daughter likes to bake cookies but she has not mastered the skill yet. Sometimes they aren't so edible. Sydney's cake looks great!

JoAnne said...

I have had company the past few days and so I've had a detour off Easy Street for bit. It is killing me! Anyway, I always make a few extra pieces in case one isn't "just right" or gets misplaced. My daughter decorates cakes for a living. Are you familiar with Craftsy online? They have online classes for cake decorating and are frequently on sale is she is interested. But yeah, I'm not a fan of fondant to eat.

Elizabeth said...

I'm pretty sure that fondant is for decoration only (lol). I've never met a fondant that I liked.

I highly doubt it is cold where you are. Chilly, maybe. But not cold. It is 3˚ Fahrenheit here, which means that it would take 29 more degrees just to get to freezing. It is so cold that any moisture in the air freezes {before it condenses into a could} and falls in these light, fluffy flakes, but it isn't actually snowing, if you know what I mean. The heater's been running non-stop for the last three days. I'm really going to hate to see the gas bill next month.

Love how your mystery quilt is shaping up. I saw a button somewhere (but can't find it now) that had a bit of a sneak preview on it.

Keep up the good work.

xo -E

Elizabeth said...

P.S. I always and only shop the clearance racks. Finding a great item of clothing at an amazingly low price is an art form. I love it.

Karilee said...

I had to take an Easy Street break...my lupus is flaring up a little. We had one who HAD to have fondant too...ick. We didn't like homemade either. But it WAS fun to play with. We still do pretty cakes, but not as artsy...LOL, more edible! My first girl is still wearing a corduroy jacket she paid $60 for about 7 years ago. She loves that jacket. It had been $80 and she wanted it so much she saved that up, then it was marked down when we went to get it. We mostly thriftshop.

Susan Entwistle said...

Maybe she'd like to take one of the Wilton cake decorating classes at Michaels. My daughter was big into cake decorating at that age as well. Feed their creative urges...it will pay off when they're older.

Cathy said...

Google 'marshmallow fondant' - I think I made a recipe from Bakingdom's blog. It is tasty (tastes sweet like marshmallows), economical and you can make it with ingredients you can pick up in the grocery aisles (marshmallows, corn syrup, confectioner's sugar - did I mention it tastes sweet?). It handles just like the regular fondant, but is actually edible. I ended eating the leftovers right out of hand.