A piecing machine

Okay, not sure what I’ve done to blogger, or if blogger has just done another stupid something, but I can’t post pictures from my computer anymore.  I’ve said it over and over.  The people at Google are listening to the wrong people.

Anyway, that just leaves a moment to post a blog.  I got lots of piecing done this weekend.  This is another Linus quilt that’s all pin basted and ready to start quilting.


I know it doesn’t look like much in the picture, but it’s all based of the colors in this cool fish fabric and looks really good.


And, I got another wool suit quilt top pieced and it needs another good ironing and it will be ready to tie.


In fact, I was rolling right along, and then I got stuck at a roadblock on a mystery that I got involved in.  The instructions are very confusing and it’s taken me a while to figure them out.  And, replace a piece of truly butt ugly fabric. 

Be well.  Have a great Monday.  Lane


JoAnne said...


Many people are having that problem with posting pictures. There are some easy fixes, and Blogger is working on the problem. I don't remember the fixes, but maybe other commenters will or else you can google. I agree, they are really screwing up. I do know that you can "easily" upload photos from Picassa or Google+ (which tells me that Google is trying to force everyone to use only their platforms.)

Kath said...

That first quilt reminds me of the landscape of rural England, seen from the air :-D

Terri in BC said...

Hi, Lane: I was having the same problem and it is apparently something to do with Internet Explorer and Blogger interface. I can upload from my computer if I use Google Chrome instead, and I've heard Mozilla Firefox works as well.

Denise Bevard said...

This is true, you can't upload in Internet Explorer anymore, but if you use Chrome or Firefox it works just fine.

Mary said...

I had the same problem load pictures and fixed it with switching to Chrome. Sounds like a forced solution from Google but I wasn't about to put my pictures on Picassa given the people who were complaining about the storage limits.

Shevvy said...

When you are composing your blog post, if you click on the HTML tab the uploader will work in there. No idea what they have done to the other uploader but its how I do it now.

lw said...

Love the new suit quilt, and the Linus does look like farmland seen from the air.

Rebecca Grace said...

I'm so glad it's not just me! I've been having trouble with photos, too. I did find that if I switch to HTML tab (instead of Compose) I can easily upload a photo from the PC, and then I go back into compose mode so I can see what the heck I'm doing.