Not much to show for it

For such a wonderful and fun weekend, I don’t have many pictures to show for it. 

First, we went to Syd’s basketball game.  The coach had two people signed up to keep score, and because the other lady is a very regular volunteer and because I didn’t care what I did, I worked the gate for the freshman game (boy, did I miss my hand sanitizer).  Soon as that was over and the girls had eeked a win past the team that was supposed to be their biggest competition, I passed the tickets off to another volunteer and we hightailed it to Patsy’s Cowgirl Cafe to see the Texas Blues Healers…
with Rob’s best friend and his wife.  One of these guys works with Rob, and apparently, he’s really buttoned down at the office, but he was really relaxed and a lot of fun at the show.  They're all in their late 50's to mid 60's and the newest member of the band started with them 15 years ago and I think they've been playing together for 30+ years.  We had a blast, with live music until 8:30 and we ate some really good sandwiches and then, it was time to pick up the kid and see the end of the varsity basketball game.  Unfortunately, they didn't pull a win out of their hats.

Next morning, I got to sew.  A lot.  Like a "sew in" lot.  I got all the blocks made for the I spy quilt and laid them out in the order I want.  After that, we took our dear friend LD to lunch.  Oh, how we all enjoy our outings with LD, even if it’s just a quick lunch.  I had a salad because I'm trying to be good like that, but I did finish LD's chicken and dumplings because the place we went has the BEST!  Okay, the best storebought.  After all that food, I was ready to get home for a nap. 

And, then, there was more sewing. 

Yesterday, I wanted to tie the quilt I’ve been teasing you guys with and it’s basically a plaid quilt top on a plaid backing and I did not take sufficient care in stretching the back and I ended up with a mess where the lines that should have been straight across the quilt, ran at opposing diagonals toward the center.  So, after I’d put in all the ties and gone back and tied half of them, and after a trip to the grocery to give me some space from my mistake, I pulled it all out and started over again.  I ended up spending the whole day, sitting in the floor and by bedtime, I could barely move.  I sat with my legs out.  I sat indian style.  I sat in child's pose.  I stopped periodically and just stretched.  And, I was still stiff and sore by evening. 

This morning, I got up and got the first two rows of the I spy quilt assembled. 

And, then, there was some serious stretching, or I’d have spent the whole day stooped over and groaning. 

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend, embraced in cold weather and sunshine and happiness and tiredness. 

The more attention I pay to myself, the more I hear myself say.  One of the things that I am saying to myself is that I want to be more involved.  I want to have different things to do; things that involve people.  I knew I would have fun this weekend and so I made myself open to that fun and made myself get out in it.  And, as expected, I loved it.  The busy-ness of it; the small quiet moments of it that seemed so much sweeter for having spent the less quiet moments with others.  Hearing people talk.  Being open to them.  No judgment unless you count me judging that not stretching that quilt back out was a beginner mistake that I couldn't live with.

And, no broccoli in my teeth.

Be well.  Have a wonderful start to your week.  It’s still cold here and I am enjoying that, too.  It won’t last long and it’s nearly time to cut the roses and plant the lettuce.

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lw said...

That band sounds really good-- if I ever get to Austin, I'll check them out. I love how the i-spy is turning out, too.