I spy quilts

Well, first I spy quilt is pieced.  Linus has sent a special plea for teen sized quilts and I’m thinking about adding either a border or another row of blocks to make this one just a bit longer. 


This is such a cheerful quilt and Rob’s already tried to claim it.  I really hadn’t talked to him much about it.  He was looking at it and pointing out all the different things this morning and I explained the concept of the “I Spy” quilt and that all those different things are the whole point. 

And, Barb did such a good job of fussy cutting these.  There’s a bit of everything here.


Badges and basketball players and tractors and boats.


Butterflies and people and fish and numbers.


And, chickens and jelly beans and basketballs and baseballs and bears and even a bluejay.

Fun to make, fun to play.

Barb sent enough squares for more than one quilt.  I thought that maybe I could move some old stash and try some speed piecing and I played with a pattern and this is what I ended up for the next one.


Same quilt, but with just two fabrics used in the borders. 

Does anybody else draw patterns on sticky notes?


I swear I was listening in that meeting yesterday.

Be well.  Have a great Friday.  I RSVP’ed for tomorrow’s  Linus meeting this morning, so I’m committed to get out there and do things with people. 



Andra Gayle said...

I LOVE the I spy quilt! I have never made one but my cousin is expecting again so now may be a good time!

Anonymous said...

The quilt is great! I'll send you a separate email with pics of mine later today.
The woolen quilt you posted yesterday was wonderful too. Such soothing colors and a great way to use up something that might otherwise have ended up in the landfill.

Kath said...

That's great fun!
I can see you making another of these, in years to come, for your first grandchild.

Bratling said...

Gorgeous! I use graph paper, because then I can do it to scale...

Vesuviusmama said...

I draw patterns on sticky notes, too. And the backs of envelopes. And paper napkins. Basically, anything I can get my hands on! Makes it a challenge for record keeping and whatnot, but, oh well!

Seraphinalina said...

Very cool idea for a quilt and if Rob wants it then it passes the test as not being too childish for a teen.

I doodle two things while trying to stay awake during meetings - circles that turn into flowers or triangles that expand into larger triangles and rows of triangles. I think it actually keeps my mind from wandering too far from what I should be listening to. I didn't realize how much it was a trademark until someone saw one of my circle flowers on a paper and said they knew it was mine.

qltmom9 said...

I did a quilt in orange and turquoise for my youngest son VERY similar to that pattern. Totally scrappy and FUN. He loves it. My doodles are on index cards...with lines. I have a bunch saved even!

lw said...

The i-spy is looking very cheerful-- perfect for a Linus quilt.

I forgot to mention how much I love the suit quilt. Simple, but elegant.

Cynthia Landrie said...

I have always wanted to make an eye spy quilt. They look like so much fun! Perhaps it will have to be my next project.

I think you should make a special eye spy quilt for Rob!