A very silly post

Okay, not ashamed of it, I am from the generation that ate spam.  Slice it, fry it, eat it in a white bread sandwich with american cheese product (which has nothing to do with real cheese) and mayonaise.  Small town living in the 70's remembered. 

If you're not from the U.S., Spam is a meat-like product made from some leftover parts and canned in a tin that requires a key to get it out.  And, while many people, who would not otherwise be priviledged to eat meat are glad to get it, it's become somewhat of a joke, hence the new meaning of spam; spam mail...not really mail, just something that resembles real mail.

I have become the recipient of a ton of spam from my blog lately.  Things like:

This blog most helpful for users of internet and completely interesting was found by me to be for battery jumping cable.  Please to help all users in world by continuing posts on this topic.  See my blog at louisvittonbags.crap

Okay, so it doesn't matter that the topic of the post was vintage sewing machines and had nothing to do with battery cables, louis vitton bags, or the internet. 

It's all about enticing me to click that link.  Who knows what's on the other end of that link because I will never, ever click it. 

Fortunately, they don't show up on my blog; just in my email. 

Unfortunately, I can't think of a way to get them to go away without losing comments that I WANT to read.  I could set up word verification again, but what a total pain that is.  So, I live with it and keep my finger poised over the delete key whenever I'm reading email. 

When will people learn?  If I wanted a louis vitton bag, I'd contact them and ask for one.  Bothering me is not going to generate an interest in purses. 

Yes, this post is lame.  But, it was the best I could do, considering I had to leave early for work this morning and don't have any pictures of any progress to share.  The only exciting thing is that I'm about to start an "I Spy" quilt as a sew-a-long with a follower friend.  We're both making them for donations.  I hope to post pictures of both of them when we are done...not that I know how long it will take me.  But, it should go pretty quick. 

I'm also working on my secret project that I hope to share in a few days.  And, I signed up for the $5 quilt block at my LQS and a four month "mystery" quilt that is rediculously expensive for how much I know about it, but hopefully will give me some more face time in the shop.  After I decided not to teach anymore last year, it's been really tough to get myself in there and I really want to support their small business and watch it grow. 

I'm very seriously looking at my UFO's and I want these couple of projects to satisfy my need to start something new.  There are some really beautiful quilts waiting to be finished at my house.  If it just wasn't for this pesky job I have to do, so that I can afford to eat.  And, that's another thing; eating takes too much time out of the day, too what with cooking and time spent sitting at table.  And, what's the good of eating?  It just settles around my middle and means I have to add time to my workout, which also takes time from quilting.  So, see? If I just give up eating, I can spend a whole lot more time quilting. 

Have a good Wednesday.  Be well and laugh much.  Lane


Frog Quilter said...

Well said. I also have problem of work. Just a few more years..... This too shall pass.

PattiLynn said...

Spam? Oh, yes I remember eating Spam sandwiches. Sliced, straight out of the can, no frying. We ate it on one slice of white bread, folded over. We called 'em pocket sandwiches. Most importantly, we generously spread French's original yellow mustard on the bread, added the spam, and spread a little more mustard on the spam for good measure. haha! For awhile there, I could almost have eaten mustard with a spoon...eek!

If one pocket sandwich wasn't enough, we made another...never did we make spam sandwiches with two slices of bread like other lunch meat. So weird, huh? Oh, just remembered, sometimes we would crumble Lay's original potato chips and layer them inside too.

Fun remembering! Thx.

Jeannette said...

You're not the only one with blog spam, over at jojuntion, she talks about it and found a solution . http://www.joscountryjunction.com/blog-comment-spam/

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Add a slice of garden fresh tomato to that spam and you've got my childhood..

mssewcrazy said...

This is so funny that you post about spam. We never eat that but dh will sometimes if I am not at home to cook. I didn't want to cook today or go out in the rainy weather so we ate a fried spam and egg sandwich with a slice of real cheese just can't do that processed cheese thing. I never think to have this stuff should do it at least once a month. Lol! I have been reading all the older blog posts as I am enjoying reading regularly now.I used to hand quilt some but now am more interested in machine finishing some projects.

Elizabeth said...

I was getting a boatload of spam comments. After a while, I realized that the spam comments were targeted at a few specific posts which were older, so I closed commenting on those posts only (done by editing the post, selection options at the bottom right and then selecting "don't allow new comments, show existing." I only get a fraction of what I was getting before.

And, hey, at least you posted, right? It was fun to read and I love the way you lead in with the actual Spam and connected it to your comment spam.

xo -E

Peter Lappin said...

Re: Elizabeth's comment, I didn't even know that was an option: good to know!

For three years I refused the word verification thing on my blog because I hate dealing with them as a commenter, but finally the spam was getting out of control and I had to do something. Most people understand and just deal with it, I've found. Still, it's unfortunate...

Never tried Spam (not knowingly, anyway).

qltmom9 said...

I'm sorry dumbies are messing up what should be enjoyable. I taught my boys to like spam and they will still fry some 'til it is crisp and have eggs with it.

Lucy (in IN...who has noticed she sometimes accidentally posts with her child's email addy!!!)