Name that foot

We’ll get to the foot naming later.

This was a weird weekend.  First thing, that friend that asked us to help her move at the last minute (okay, so turned out it wasn’t really the LAST minute) decided on Friday evening (which really was the very LAST minute) that she didn’t need us. 


Rob and I looked at one another and the only thing I could think to do was ask “are you sure?” and she replied with a very simple yes and no explanation, so we kept out of it.

That put me back to the original plans.  And, here are part of the result.


I got all 128 made, but only 60 of them got trimmed.  Not sure why I’m getting larger than the size I need.  I checked my cutting and I checked my seam allowance and they’re both right, but the pieces are still slightly oversized and I decided what the hey, it’s better than too small and just went with it.  Kind of a pain to trim, but worse things happen every day, right?

But, I have to ask, am I the only one that can’t do random?


Even random for me needs a plan.  So I stacked my hst’s by fabric and picked from stack one, then stack two and so on.  When I added the second hst to the goose, the first time through, I matched a two with a one and the second time through, a three with a one and so on until they were all done.  I’m sure I ended up with some that have the same 3 fabrics in a goose, but I’m also sure that I didn’t end up with the same black on white fabric on both sides of a goose. 

I also took an 8 hour defensive driving course to get a discount on my insurance.  In most states, if you take a defensive driver course, you get a discount for three years.  I wasn’t so big on spending my time getting discounts on the old car, but now that I have a new car, I need every discount I can get.  Especially when we add our teen driver to the policy…if she ever displays sufficient responsibility to get to learn to drive.

I alternated, one hour sewing for every hour online taking the course.  I could finish a chapter in about an hour and there were 8 chapters.  And, I think this refresher is good for reminding me how to be a defensive driver and therefore a safer driver.

Yesterday afternoon, I tried to do a bit of cooking.  Most of what I did was ruin food, but I did try.  My fudge turned to sugar and fell apart when it cooled.  New recipe.  Will go back to the old recipe for this year’s holiday treat and try again next week.  In the meantime, I have something that will truly make me fat, but is too expensive to throw away.  I also overcooked a pan of pumpkin bread.  What’s up with that?  Two pans in two weeks.  My timing is off.  Hopefully it will be back before the big upcoming holiday feast. 

And, I spent a bit of time starting the quilting on the last baby quilt of the year. 


Okay, so now for the foot.  We were in an antique store the other weekend and there was a box of sewing machine attachments that had been there for about 3 years, and I decided I was tired of seeing it and I bought it.  The feet don’t fit my machine, but I scavenged $3 worth of stuff out of the box and kept the box.  But, there was this foot that I cannot identify.



Does anybody have any idea what this foot would be for?  It has this adjustable thing in the back that can go closer or further from the needle with a tightening screw and then the funny looking foot in the front. 

I am perplexed.

Be well and have a great Monday.  I will be going from my computer at home all weekend to a computer at work.  Can you believe it’s been 25 years since the first instant message?



Linda said...

I've seen zipper feet that look similar, so it might be a zipper foot.
I also have a hard time doing random. I tend to want to give it all a color balance, which is difficult with random.

Cynthia Landrie said...

You crack me up! I can't seem to do random either. Every time I try, I mess up! I need a list, I need a plan of action.

So sorry to hear about your kitchen mishaps! I would blame the oven or the stove or something other than yourself! I will be posting a great recipe for mint fudge later this week! I bet you won't mess it up!

qltmom9 said...

We found having our teen buy a cheap used car actually ended up saving $$, so that they weren't paying insurance on driving our more expensive vehicles. I don't like fudge and not a one of my children will eat it now! Your purples are pretty.

Beegee said...

If the foot has an edge that sticks upright it is a foot for using the zigzag stitch to make a kind of fringe

Michelle said...

I'm wondering if it is a vintage version of a sequin foot, designed to sew sequins, lace, rickrack or other decorative trimming onto your sewing projects. I went through my Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook that I bought online, and that is the closest I could find that it looked like. The book says the sequin foot is designed with a small slot in the front, directly aligned with your needle to ensure that your trimming will be caught in each stitch. The slot can sew continuous strips of sequins, ribbons, rickrack or elastic up to 3/8" (9mm) wide. The foot works with either straight or zigzag stitching, with your needle set for center. (I'm quoting the book here).

I hope you find the correct answer.

Elizabeth said...

I don't do random well, either. I organize it like you do, moving from stack to stack when I have a lot of things to put together. This weekend I did a smaller project that had 80 - 1" squares. I laid them all out beforehand, making sure I had the right mix of colors and that pieces of the same fabric didn't end up too close together. When I sewed everything together I made sure not to mix anything up b/c I didn't want my organized randomness to be messed up.

I've never seen a foot like that before.

xo -E

Elizabeth said...

P.S. Love that peek of the baby quilt!

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure, but it might be a buttonhole foot for an old BU.

Rebecca Grace said...

Lane, I'm also going to guess that your Mystery Foot is for sewing a cord or string of something onto something else. My serger's multipurpose foot has a guide like that for attaching a string of fake pearls, or sequins, or making covered cord. It's also possible that what you've got is the guide part, and that it is supposed to attach to something else. That's just my guess.

And I LOVE your log cabin baby quilt! Such fun, bright colors. That one will never ever end up at Goodwill; it will be loved to shreds and go straight to Quilt Heaven!

Carla said...

Love the colorful baby quilt. I need to get back to the one I started. As to the foot - no clue. Sounds like a job for a sewing machine store. ;o)