Clue two

Well, this morning, we got the second clue for Bonnie’s Easy Street mystery.

Wild Geese. 



Okay, that’s my whine.  And, that’s it.  That’s all the time I’ll give whining.  But, blech.

The good news is that we need 2” strips of purples, so I was raiding the scrap bins this morning for little bits of purples to give me more variety.


And, I hit the purple section of my stash.


Yes, I know they photographed blue, but I promise, they’re purple.


Unfortunately, I only had time to get one pieced.  All animal prints. 

While I was pulling down one of my big bins, I knocked my  6x24 ruler off the wall.  I didn’t worry about that.  I drop rulers all the time.  So, I hefted the bin out to the sewing room and then went back to pick up the ruler.

Oh, crap!


This is the first quilting ruler I ever bought.  It has paid for itself 50 times over in the last 12 years.  It had knicks in the edges and I could only rotary cut down one side. 

And, breaking it is like losing an old friend. 

I’ll replace it because I can’t really cut from yardage without it, but I will miss this old friend.  Maybe I’ll figure out a way to cut it into a couple of pieces so I can still use it.  Or, maybe I’ll just let it go.  Who knows.  Would it be wierd if I framed it and hung it on the wall?

Okay, so it’s Friday.  My old friend contacted us last night to let us know that she’s ready to move and can we come help.


I guess if you’ve stopped feeding your life and have let it run away, you really don’t think about other people maybe HAVING A LIFE OF THEIR OWN???

That puts a hitch in all my plans. 

Be well, have a great Friday.  I’ll bet my family isn’t the only one having leftovers tonight so that quilters can work on clue two.



Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

No leftovers left to be had here. So it will be pizza time. I sewed 4 geese this morning, and cut everything else out. Chain stitching when I get home from work for sure! Probably while the carrot cake is in the oven for our guilds christmas party tomorrow.

Andra Gayle said...

My favorite ruler is cracked so I know how you feel. I am not going to hold my breath for a replacement at Christmas-just gonna go purchase it! Your step 2 looks great so far. I haven't even finished clue 1 yet.

Steffi´s Candy Quilts said...

Bonnies new mystery looks really good, I wish I had the time to join in. I´m looking forward to seeing the next steps.
So sorry your ruler is broken. I know how you feel. Maybe you could cut it into smaller pieces with a very fine jigsaw (or scroll saw?) blade. My father once cutted plastics with his.

Terri Wessling said...

Ilve Bonnie Hunters mystery quilts. I'm doing beige instead of the white and black. Just saying!

Michelle said...

Could you super glue your friend back together?

Beegee said...

I have framed things like thar. Remember how much your old friend has done for you,instead of a plain background just a piece of fabric.

Marei said...

No leftovers, but it is dinner out, then back to the cave for flying geese. And, NO it wouldn't be weird to frame your ruler. I think it could be a very cool art piece. Make a background out of your fav fabrics, quilt it beautifully and mount your broken ruler (in pieces) on top. Then frame. Definitely would be one of a kind!! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

"I guess if you've stopped feeding your life and have let it run away...." What an apt way to express the way so many lives devolve as we grow older. It's a wise reminder to all of us. Elle

scrappy101 said...

Fresh homemade pizza for us, left-overs generally get eaten for lunch.
I think you should hang that ruler up in some form of art/stain glass look...lol
I got my 2nd clue cut this morning. Hoping to get them sewed up soon. Love the colors. I took a class with Bonnie this year. I asked her what was her inspiration, she mentioned her two trips to the Caribbean.
Your two black on white fab's are the same animal prints as mine....it's gotta get used.
Great of you to help with the move. Enjoy your weekend.

Vesuviusmama said...

Your box came! With two quilts! You are awesome! Thanks so much!

qltmom9 said...

My Darl threw a huge frozen lasagna in wclass and still had time to hile I sewed. I made a HUMONGOUS tote at make half the flying geese for Bonnie's mystery! I get SO much done when I leave home.


cindyquiltsOR said...

If my 6" x 24" broke, I would cry. Then buy a new one. Followed by turning the broken one into an art piece for my sewing room.