The Pink Baby Quilt

I am so happy with how this little quilt came out.


From the piecing and the colors, right down to the giant feathers in the quilting


And, the half inch echo quilting


Even the chain work in the border came out right on the second try.  There’s just the tiniest bit of yellow in the small four patches around the brown diamonds that I didn’t see until I was actually quilting it.  But that tiny bit just helps break up the pink and allow it to shine. 

This quilt is made up of leftover blocks from Bonnie Hunter’s RRCB mystery from two years ago.  I decided to make the quilt a lap robe size and that left me with lots of pink and brown hst blocks and I think that’s where the little four patches came from, too.  It was easy to add the larger pink squares to finish it off and then there were leftover border sections that had pink in them that got added, too.

I remember the first pink quilt I made.  It was also for a co-worker.  At that time, I had maybe one or two pieces of pink fabric in my stash that I’d picked up at some sale or another.  Nothing to speak of.  I added a bunch of pinks for the first pink one I made and now, it’s just keeping a stock of them.

Anyway, there’s another baby, all warm and cuddled by one of my quilts.  At least there will be in January some time, when she decides to get here.  I hope her Mom likes pink.

I’ve still got one more baby quilt to finish by mid-December, but that one is getting simpler quilting, so it will go faster.

For now, it’s off to work I go.  Hey-ho!

Be well and have a great Thursday.  One more day till the next Bonnie Hunter mystery clue.

Jeez, I’m counting.  I feel like the commercial where the lady is standing at the store window chanting “open, open, open…”



One Minnesota Quilter said...

Fantastic little baby quilt, Lane. Lots of cuddly love in that one. :)


Bianca said...

LOVE IT!!! Love the chain border and the gorgeous feathers you quilted. That will be one happy babygirl and I'll bet her mother too. Who wouldn't?!

Elizabeth said...

Pink is awesome! I love that quilt and I'm sure the mom-to-be will too! Beautiful work.

xo -E

Kath said...

Made by your hands, given with your heart. Just perfect!

Sharon said...

What a wonderful quilt!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt and workmanship. Are you planning on entering more quilt shows next year? Thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

It's just gorgeous. Mom and baby will both love it! Kate

Michelle said...

Your quilt and the quilting is beautiful, Lane! Mom better like pink! Have a good weekend!

Bonnie K Hunter said...

Yay for this one! It's awesome!

I've been so far behind I'm trying to catch up with what's been going on in your world..I love what I see!