Not a flimsy anymore

What a weekend.  Even though Sydney’s team lost both games on Friday, they still played two games on Saturday.  They won one.  They’re in 5th place of 7 teams.  Not sure how tournaments work, I guess.

It was a weird day, too.  We saw our first parent ejected from a game.  He was walking up and down the side of the court, following the team, yelling and yelling and yelling like an idiot.  One ref told him to get off the floor and into the stands.  He stood on the bottom step and kept yelling.  Another ref told him to sit down.  He sat on the next to bottom step and kept yelling.  Then, the ref told him to leave, and she put the ball on the floor and put her foot on it and crossed her arms.  There were no school officials or a police presence.  A lady, who looked like a booster Mom, and the coach for the team he was a “parent” of talked to him and gave him two options.  Sit in the top of the stands and be quiet, or leave.  And, he left.  People are sooooo weird.

Between games, Rob and I went out for a bite of supper and then back for the second game.  Nothing exciting happened there, either.  Only remarkable thing was that there were only parents of three or four kids in the stands for our team.  And, the coach sent out another plea for help at next week’s home game.  So, now Rob is volunteering, too, and it looks like I’ll be keeping scorebook for the freshmen and then working the door for the JV and varsity.

Other than that, I was quilting and cooking.  I turned this into a flimsy early Saturday morning.


It’s not a flimsy anymore, tho.  It’s about 85% quilted, just the sashing and borders to go, and part of the last block.  I overdid it.  Rob and I decided I need to set a max for how much quilting I’ll put into a quilt that is being donated, with exceptions for raffles and such.

I did not realize how much work it was going to be to do what I wanted, and by the time I did, it was too late.  It would have taken as much time to rip it all out and start over as it would to finish it.

But, it’s so soft!  Makes me want to cuddle under it every time I sit down to work.

Not a christmas block was made, but I did make a vat of chicken/vege soup and a lasagna and roasted a chicken with potatoes and carrots and rosemary and onion…ummmmm…the house smelled so good and we will eat good until Wednesday with VERY little cooking going on.

Rob and Sydney have the day off.  She has practice this afternoon.  I’m off to work.  hi-ho, amigos



lw said...

I have the day off as well, since I'm working a NASA job now.

I love the donation quilt-- wish I could see it in person.

I feel so sorry for the daughter of the yelling, ejected Dad. Even sorrier than I do for Mrs. Petraeus.

Love the description of the cooking. I made a vat of gumbo this weekend with lots of chicken and smoked sausage. My commute is really long and I like to come home to easy to make dinners.

Elizabeth said...

Some people's parents.

Love your disappearing four-patch. I can't wait to see the quilting.

xo -E

scrappy101 said...

Hi Lane,

I did this block too. My friends love it too. I did my with just two colors, cheddar and orange/red. I need to quilt my still. Thinking of doing curves with an echo of the four patch in the outer bounder.

Those basket-ball games can take a lot of time and commitment from parents. And yes I have seen some parents act up at games.

Stay well and hello to your family.

Carla said...

There's always that one parent.
The quilt looks really pretty.