Five days of Thanksgiving

Whew!  It’s a good thing that the holidays only happen once a year.  My dishpan hands have dishpan hands, up to the elbows.

Wednesday, after a bit of a shopping jaunt, I came home and Sydney made her first apple pie.  We peeled and cored and sliced together and then I talked her through the pie crust (pillsbury’s all-ready is da bomb!).  If I can find a picture, I’ll share it.  It was a lovely pie.

We mostly just played the rest of the day. 

Then, on Thursday, we had the cook fest.  Sydney folded the napkins (for about two hours).  We each had our own fold.


While the turkey was perfect, I did not have such good luck with my sides. But, hey, it was all good.


Really, does it get much more Norman Rockwell than this?


I have a similar picture, with a similar satisfied smile on my Grandmother’s face as she was putting a big holiday lunch on the table.  Too tired and busy for a real smile, and too satisfied not to smile.  At least I think she felt the same way, too.

Then, there were the dishes.  Yuck.  And, then the nap.  Yay!

Rob already had everything down from the attic for Christmas decorating and he hung the lights while I cooked and Sydney decorated her Christmas tree that evening, while we rested.


The rest of the weekend was filled with other fun stuff, but for now, I’ll leave you with our holiday decoration pictures. 

The famous holiday swag across the living room ceiling.  Sydney says this is her favorite decoration (or I wouldn’t keep doing it, believe me.  four hours on a ladder…sheesh).


The village of Retroville…there is another village I’ll show another day along with better pictures of this one.

The Santa collection


The main tree, decorated single-handedly by Sydney.


And, the quilts, which I’ll show more of later.

So much to see, so much eye candy. 

And, all 192 four patches for Bonnie’s Easy Street mystery quilt.


Really, too much to pack into one post.  I should have been posting all weekend to keep up.

Be well and hope you had a great holiday or weekend, too.  I’ll fill in the details as time passes.  I’ve learned not to tell everything in one post or I don’t have anything for Tuesday.



Mary said...

Whew, I'm tired just reading it all. Looks like a great dinner and made with the best spice of all - your love. And you got all the 4 patches done. Wicked awesome.

Kath said...

well it all looks marvellous. I love these family traditions about what decorations MUST go up every year. My Mum has a little village with lights in the cottages. We all pretend to hate it, we call it Twinky Town, but when she was late getting it laid out, one year, there was an outcry!

Rebecca Grace said...

Wow -- Christmas Village is one tradition that I admire, but haven't started yet. One major hindrance is the lack of space -- already we have to remove a few small pieces of furniture to fit the Christmas trees. You know, A Christmas Villages quilt would be really fun, wouldn't it? That's just more motivation for me to beef up my nonexistent applique skills!

I'm glad you and your daughter enjoyed making pies together. My older son complained that I didn't do the spiced pecans this year, so I think next year we should do that together. I had no idea he enjoyed them that much!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful holiday was had by all in your home. Thanks for sharing.

Vesuviusmama said...

One of these years, I'm going to decorate beyond just the tree. Last year, I finally made a tabletopper, but really, I see everyone else's decorations and I am put to shame! My kids are always begging for more. Yours are lovely!