Oh, Mr Mailman…

Mr Mailman brought me a package yesterday from a friend and follower, Barb. 

Over time, I’ve written about not having any black on white prints for Bonnie’s mystery at the end of the month.  I had about decided to use white on white instead, but yesterday, I got a care package and in it were all these black on white prints.


Yay!  That, along with the scraps from a shirt I made Sydney should set me up just right for the mystery quilt.

And, buried down in the package was this little ziploc, full of 1.5” squares for my niblets, as Lucy calls them…my 3.5” nine patch blocks.


Ooh, such a fresh infusion of fabrics into my drawer of squares that was getting stale because I’d picked all the best pieces out.  It was like a bowl of nuts, without any cashews.

Yay, me.  And, Yay, Barb!  Thank you so much!

It’s cold here today.  The Coats for Kids campaign is going on;  donate a coat and it will be handed out to kids that can’t afford coats.  We always try to donate enough to buy a coat, but this year, we’re going to have a couple of coats to donate.  It reminded me of the first winter Sydney was with us.  She needed everything that year and I was just learning to buy girl’s clothes and the one thing we forgot to get her was a coat. 

New parents.  That’s the only excuse we had.  That year, she had to pick from my coats for that first cold day of school.  She picked something baggy and green and she looked cute in it.  And, that weekend, she got her own coat. 

Boy, have things changed since that first year.  And, yet, here it is, the first real cold day of the year and she doesn’t have a coat again.  We just didn’t think of it.  I asked if she still had last year’s coat and, no, she doesn’t, probably because last year’s coat was left from the year before.  So, she’ll end up in multiple layers of clothing because I don’t see her willing to wear one of my coats.  And, school is not designed for her to have a coat anyway.  She doesn’t have a locker, so whatever she takes with her in the morning, she has to carry all day long.  And, I would feel sorry for any coat that had to go through that.

Be well.  Stay warm.  Have a good Tuesday.  I’m still quilting the Hurricane Sandy quilt.  And, quilting, and quilting, and quilting.



qltmom9 said...

LOL, she'll have a fond memory EVERY time she needs a coat for the first time of the year. That is pretty cool. We tend to leave coats in the van even in COLD IN. Barb's gifts to you are SO fun! Wow~

Kath said...

I love these little stories of your parenting journey :-)

Kath (still quilting...)

Cynthia L. said...

What a wonderful friend you have! The fabrics are beautiful and I know they will become more beautiful in your skilled hands.

Syndey is a lucky girl and as someone said, she will have good memories of her first coat with you.

Elizabeth said...

What? She doesn't have a locker? That is nuts.

We had our first big snow storm followed by LOTS of cold weather last weekend. Neither of my kids' coats fit this year either, so we went shopping for coats on Saturday. I got a really nice coat for Grasshopper at 75% off, which is amazing because the season is just getting started. Grasshopper and I are both super happy with it. LadyBug's was full price, but hers was still less than Grasshopper's and it is green, so LadyBug and I are super happy with it as well.

All this talk of coats for kids who don't have one reminds me that I have a perfectly good coat, brand spanking new, bought on clearance for a steal, that nobody around here wore and is too small now. I'm going to find a good place to donate it.

And, finally, I have two black on white prints I could send you a bit of. When you posted about it earlier, I thought of them, but even if I send you half of what I have of these two, it only amounts to a fat quarter, total, which wouldn't have solved your problem. Since Barb sent you a nice start, I'd be happy to add my two fat-eights to the mix, you know, just in case you're short by a smidge. Just send me your address.

Also, so nice of her to send those 1 1/2" scraps! What pretty colors.

xo -E

Carla said...

Lucky You! Love those black and white fabrics.
Cute story about the coat issues.

Vesuviusmama said...

What great squishy mail!