The scorekeeper

I pulled it off.  I made mistakes.  I did not get everything perfect.  But, for a first timer, working a freshman game, I rocked.


The guy that was running clock was running it for the first time, too and we were both feeling the pressure.  I am not feeling confident about the nights I have to run the clock.  But, I’ll learn and I’ll get there really early and practice while the girls are warming up. 

Sydney’s team did not win, but it was a really good game, lots of action to keep track of and not a lot of spectators, so any mistakes we made last night passed without notice.  We informed the referees early that we were first timers and the ref checked my books a couple of times and at the end, I failed to summarize everything.  Oops!  I haven’t had to do that when I practiced because I was the only person that cared.  One of the refs was unable to speak.  He used sign language.  I caught on to that quick and was also able to read his lips. 

My biggest mistake of the evening was not really a mistake.  I stopped the game when our girls hit seven team fouls so they could start free throws as the penalty for additional fouls.  The ref was already setting up a free throw, so he gave me a “why are you bothering me” look.  Yah, whatevah. 

I don’t quite know what to say about the election.  Sure, I’m glad that my party won president, I also feel the obligation that we now bear to reach across the aisle and find a way for the parties to work together for the good of the country instead of for the good of the politics.  I compared it the other day to the CEO of the company I work for finding a way for two of his executives to work together, if he didn’t have the power to fire them.  It just has to be done.  No questions and NO EXCUSES!  Nobody gets exactly what they want.  You can either each give up some time cuddling the teddy bear, or tear it in half and end up with nothing but stuffing. 

Okay, that’s my rant for the day.

I wish I had something quilty to say this morning.  I cut the sashing strips for Erin’s Sandy relief quilt.  I did not sew an inch, and I really, really wish I had an extra hour, just to sit and sew.  But, it is not to be.  Life is a busy thing. 

Yay to Desi’s Mom who brought in two huge pots of spaghetti and meat sauce for the girls last night.  Yay to Erin who is being gifted an abundance of generosity and hasn’t cracked yet. 

Yay to the end of the election ads and survey phone calls.

Be well and be kind to one another.  Lane


Becky said...

Just look at YOU! Lookin' all official and everything! I'm proud of you for going outside your comfort zone and doing something new.
Love you bunches!

Elizabeth said...

Between you & me, I voted for Obama too, but don't tell anyone you know in the state of Utah, or I'll be run out of town on a rail.

Love the scorekeeping photo! You are one awesome dad.

xo -E

Vesuviusmama said...

I haven't cracked YET...

No really, this is such an amazing project to be part of, to start the ball rolling and see where it goes.

And you're looking GREAT in those stripes behind the table! Yay, Lane!

Carla said...

Look at you looking all official.
Way to go!